Sunday, January 24, 2010

Replacing a favorite sweater...

I have this sweater.
It's a cardigan style button up, thick chunky, cozy kind of sweater.
And like most favorite sweaters.. it's falling apart.  I wear it a lot.

I'd love to replace it with a new one.  But I've never taken an existing sweater and made a pattern to knit from...

Any suggestions or advice?


  1. I would do a ravelry search and try to be as thorough as possible. Try to figure out the weight of the yarn in the sweater, and search that weight yarn.

    Or, you can take a picture and let the readers see if they have anything in mind. I think that sounds like more fun! ;)

  2. Great idea Kate!
    I'll take some pictures this coming week.

  3. Definitely post a picture. I'd love to look at it and see what my brain can come up with! Re-creating old sweaters are so much fun!

  4. Is this the brownish sweater that you ALWAYS wear? If it is, you should have someone try to duplicate it so you can make one similar. Or I can give you the mine, the white one that I bought because you changed your mind! :P

  5. Take it to your local yarn store and see if there is someone there who can help get you started. the LYS is always full of knitting talent.

  6. Yes, Rachel it's the beige one I wear a lot. The white one was too small, which is why I didn't get it :P.

    I'll post some pictures when it comes out of the wash.


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