Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sock Update...

Progress is slow on my Magic Loop socks.. I've got just a little over 50 rows done.  23 more rows and I can start turning the heel..  Anyone done a heel with Magic Loop?  The pattern I have is for DPN's..
Suggestions? Thoughts?

Progress photo:


  1. Sorry I can't help. I'm impressed that your doing magic loop at all, I don't actually understand how it works myself.

  2. It's actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. I found an article online on how to set it up. Might have to do some googling to figure out the heel.

  3. Once you get to the heel with with the magic loop technique, you will take the stitches that you are no longer knitting, and use the extra length of the needle as a stitch holder. The stitches that will turn into a heel flap are just knit back and forth. Once, you get there and just start doing it, it will make sense. Good luck!

  4. love the socks - maybe one day I will learn? right now I think I will next try a sleeveless sweater with cotton yarn for a summer light weight look? I'm a beginner what can I say - maybe I should just stick with quilting

  5. Yup, Kate is exactly right (of course she is!) and in my opinion, it's much easier to turn a heel with magic loop than with dpns. It just feels neater to me. Half on the cord, half working on the needles. Very neat and nice and easy to put down and pick back up! :-)


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