Friday, January 22, 2010


How many WIP's do you have on the go at the moment?

I have:

1. Giant granny square crochet blanket - in a deep red
2. Multi strand knitted blanket - dark blue, light blue and cream
3. Magic loop socks
4. Nordic sweater - navy blue (thinking I might take this one apart..)
5. K1P1 rib blanket - pale blue
6. Crochet baby blanket - in pale pink


  1. Six? Not too bad. I'm trying to cut down personally because I usually have 4-7 going at a time. But now that I'm cutting down and only have about 2-3 going at a time, when I get knitterly ADD I don't know what to do with myself! So I say hooray for lots of WIPs at a time!

  2. Way to many WIPs to mention, and another one soon, what with the knit along! I think there are 6 in total, but there very well may be more!

  3. I'm going to take the Nordic Sweater apart.. I missed a step somewhere.. thankfully I've only got about 6" done on it.

  4. Oh gosh, I can't even count. Your list sounds extremely manageable! My biggest problem is abandoned projects - I'll start something and be really excited about it, then somehow forget it along the way. Do those count as WIPs?

    How are your granny squares coming? I'm officially obsessed with making them!

  5. I have a few that are abandoned.. I've taken them apart though lol.. I get frustrated with them!
    I have a few quilts that I haven't counted in that WIP's list.


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