Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boring few days...

Since I've been relegated to 'bed' rest since I had my wisdom teeth removed last week I've had a lot of time to knit, watch tv and well sleep!  And of course do some online window shopping! hehe
I am well underway with sock #2, I started the heel flap this afternoon.

My lace yarn also arrived today :) Which is totally awesome!  I unpacked it all and rolled it into a nice ball.. boy did it take forever!  I didn't realize 700yrd would take 3 hours to wind up..
I made my 1st attempt at casting on, but well I ended up tearing it out.  It just well didn't look right!
It says to CO 66 sts and knit across, which I took as cast on 66 (obviously) and knit the next row... but then it says:
Row 1 (on right side) sl1, k9.. etc
Row 2 and all wrong side rows sl1 and purl..

Thoughts?  If I'm suppose to cast on and then knit across, I'd be on the wrong side wouldn't I?

Maybe I'll go back to my socks and try again tomorrow....

Only a few more days left in my holidays.. *sigh* not sure I really want to go back to work.. I'm actually enjoying being around home and knitting hehe :)


  1. That is confusing. I'm not sure.
    I hear you on winding. I'm still winding my skein - I think I have 1200 yards! Hope your teeth feel better. I remember when I had mine out it was miserable.

  2. Is it a shawl you're making? And if so, is it knitted from the middle of the shouldrs and down, making it wider with each row? If so, there are very othen a garter stitch border at the top of the shawl, and that is probably what you are beginning with. Therefore I would say that you knit one row, and that will be the backside of the shawl, so on the next row you just start following the pattern.

    Good luck, I hope you could make some sense of my explanation!

    / Jenny

  3. Jane - I'm feeling much better today thanks :) Hopefully I'll be back to normal and able to eat normal food this weekend.. let me tell you I miss real food!!

    Jenny - It's a scarf I'm making.. I'll have a look at the pattern again, I must be missing something :)


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