Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life in General

It seems the last few weeks life had kept me pretty busy.  We're in the midst of bathroom remodeling/renovations.  Which *crosses fingers* should be done in the next week or so.  The new tile floor is done and grouted.  The new fancy tile shower is all done, just needs the grout done.  My darling other half is putting up the door casing and the baseboard today!  Which means my washing machine can finally move out of the basement into our apartment!! YAY!!  Currently I have to go outside, down a set of stairs, through the workshop to get to the laundry room.  This will be a definate improvement!
I've been slowly working on my Harpa Socks and my first top down sweater Red "Oatmeal" Pullover which is coming along quite nicely, but sadly won't be done for the end of the Olympics tonight.

We have been dog sitting for the last two weeks.  Mike's Dad went to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands for a holiday.  We have his Mastiff, her name is Blue.  She's about 120lbs, and is a funny old girl.  She's got some bad habits.  Mike has nicknamed her the 'garbage hound', but we love her anyways.  It has made our 450SF apartment seem even smaller.  Our two dogs don't mind the company though, which is good.  I do have quite the audience when I'm cooking or eating. 

I'm going to be doing a Sew-A-Long with Alli over at One Pearl Button.  I did one just before Christmas with her and it was such a blast.  I made my sister Rachel a great knitting bag.

I'll try and post some photos of my sweater and socks later tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. OH, a mastiff! That breed is so sweet! Big ole love muffins!


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