Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm rethinking my pattern.. I tried 4 times today to cast it on and and knit a few rows, but ended up pulling it apart and knotting and cutting a section of the lovely yarn that I got.  Which sucks.
I have been going through my pattern books, magazines and ravelry to find a much simpler pattern for my first venture into lace. 
I will retry this pattern with the gorgeous lace yarn I got once I've gotten past the frustrated first time attempt.

On a side note my magic loop socks are just about done.  I'm just finishing up the foot and toe on the second sock! I'll post pictures tomorrow when I've got it all done!

Hmm socks, maybe I can find a nice lace sock pattern?
*off to hunt more*


  1. Awww... I'm sorry you're having problems with your project! There are a lot of beautiful lace sock patterns out there. You're really on a sock knitting roll, huh?! You should go for it!

  2. I'm having problems with my lace to, but we will get through this together! We will prevail over lace and live to tell about it!

  3. I forgot what pattern you were making (sorry!). I've only ventured into lace a few times. My very first was a feather and fan stole. Very basic, with a silk yarn (garage sale find.) I am making the "My Blue Jeans Shawl" and not far enough into it to know if I'll have problems. But if you are set on a shawl, check out Wendy Knits blog. She recently published two shawlettes made out of sock weight yarn that she says are good projects for beginner lace knitters. If I didn't have lace weight yarn I would try one because I still consider myself a lace newbie! Hang in there - many times in knitting we let go as often as we cast on.

  4. I'm still going to do the scarf, but I'm going to make a pair of lace socks first :) just to get my hands into the lace rhythm..
    I'm doing the Harpa Socks ( in a dark chocolate colour. I've got the heel almost done now :)


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