Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creative Inspiration

Tomorrow I am going to sew.  Yup, it's been a while since I've pulled out my sewing machine.  But I think it's time.  I found this AWESOME pattern --> Sewing Pattern - Tunic Top and picked up some great fabric!  Which I will post some pictures of tomorrow once it's washed and pressed.  One is a lovely cream eyelet, with a scalloped bottom.  The other is a dark gray blue colour.  I've also got a very lovely pale creamy grayish pink drappy fabric that I found in my fabric stash that might make a nice one as well.  I figure if I'm going to cut one pattern out I might as well cut out 3 of them!
I saw this great top very similar to the pattern at a boutique style store in our town, I totally fell in love it, but not the price tag!   The top cost as much as the pattern, fabric and all the supplies to make 3 tops!

What do you do to get those creative juices going?  What inspires you?

Me it's the fact that I can see something in a store I know I can make! LOL!

Maybe I'll do one of these tops in a cute patchwork style.. hmmmm...

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