Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cable Love

I knitted this fabulous cowl by French Press Knits over the weekend called the Breckenridge Cowl
It was awesome, such a great knit.  I'm going make up 5 more LOL!

Here is a progress photo, it's not the greatest.  I took it with my cell phone.  My sister Rachel had to help me with the photo.  Blogger wouldn't upload it for some reason.  So she fixed for me.

I'll take some nicer photos later and post them.


  1. That's gorgeous, I'm loving cables at the moment so that's going on my Christmas projects list! I'm having problems with my blogger pic uploads at the moment too, hope it gets sorted :S

  2. Thanks Amy :) It was a great project to knit.
    I hope they get the pictures sorted out, I was going to try and upload more tonight, but it's being fussy.

  3. This is so pretty - I love cables - LOVE them - a little obsessed with them. Anyhow, it looks wonderful!

    xo Erin

  4. Thanks Erin!
    I'm totally in love with cables at the moment. LOL :)


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