Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tasty food!

I thought I'd share a favorite meal of mine.. my Oma's Rouladen (Grandmother's) receipe that my Mom makes quite frequently (especially when all us kids are home!)



6-Thinly sliced round steak
1 lb Bacon
1 Chopped onion
6-8 dill pickles, sliced
Salt, pepper and garlic


- pound round steaks until paper thin
- spread with prepared mustard
- lay sliced bacon on steak
- put sliced dill pickle vertically
- fill with finely chopped onions
- roll the steaks and secure with butcher cord
- heat pan, and add garlic
- fry rolled steaks until well done


  1. Rouladin,it's my favorite way to do up an otherwise wild game roast. You should try it with a rich lean red meat like bison. Just plain and simply awesome! Oh ya, don't cook it for as long as you would beef.

  2. Hmmm sounds yummy considering I'm a picky eater. LOL


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