Saturday, January 22, 2011

On My Wishlist (1)

On My Wishlist
is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet.


Spun By Sorcery - Book #3 in the Sugar Maple Series
by Barbara Bretton (definately check out her blog!)
Published - November 2010

Chloe is always losing things-but an entire town? Just when she was about to settle down in Sugar Maple with her soul-mate Luke MacKenzie, her Fae enemy Isadora strikes, and her new hometown is gone. Even the Book of Spells, her lifeline to magick, can't help her now. Just in the nick of time, her friend Janice roars up in Chloe's ancient Buick with Penny the cat and her yarn stash in tow. If she is going to save her home she has to go back to Salem, where family secrets and centuries- old feuds pull her into the fight of her life.

The Union Quilters - Book #17 in the Elm Creek Quilts Series
by Jennifer Chiaverini
Published - February 2011

In 1862 Water's Ford, Pennsylvania, abolitionism is prevalent, even passionate, so the local men rally to answer Mr. Lincoln's call to arms. Thus the women of Elm Creek Valley's quilting bee are propelled into the unknown. Constance Wright, married to Abel, a skilled sharpshooter courageous enough to have ventured south to buy his wife's freedom from a Virginia plantation, knows well her husband's certainty that all people, enslaved and free, North and South, need colored men like him to fight for a greater purpose. Sisters-in-law Dorothea Nelson and Charlotte Granger wish safe passage for their learned husbands. Schoolmaster turned farmer Thomas carries Dorothea's Dove in the Window quilt with him. Charlotte's husband, Dr. Jonathan Granger, takes more than a doctor's bag to his post at a field hospital. Alongside the devotion of his wife, pregnant with their second child, Jonathan brings the promise he made to his unrequited love, Gerda Bergstrom: "My first letter will be to you."

Together with the other members of the circle, the women support one another through loneliness and fear, and devise an ingenious business plan to keep Water's Ford functioning. That plan may forever alter the patchwork of town life in ways that transcend even the ultimate sacrifices of war.

A Lady Never Tells - Book #1 in the Willowmere Series
by Candace Camp
Published - April 2010

When Mary Bascombe’s stepfather tries to sell her and her sisters to the highest bidder after their mother’s death, she resolves to take drastic action. Although their British mother was estranged from her family, Mary decides the four will flee to London and take their place in society as granddaughters of the Earl of Stewkesbury.

Dashing Sir Royce Winslow doubts the honesty of the young women’s claim—despite their charms, they seem to be hiding something. His attraction to feisty Mary, however, is no ruse, so when the sisters are shipped off to Willowmere, the earl’s country estate, to acquire some polish, Royce is quick to join them. When an unknown villain attempts a kidnapping, Royce and Mary are thrown together as they confront the danger . . . and Royce learns that while high society may sing the praises of proper behavior, it is a most improper American who is winning his heart.


  1. I am not familiar with these titles but I hope you get them soon :) also off topic, but when your page was loading I totally read "Purr" instead of "Purl" haha I guess I'm obsessed with cats :D

    My wishlist

  2. The Sugar Maple series sounds totally different than what I was expecting from the cover! I'm going to have to check that one out. I hope you get to bring home the books on your wishlist soon. :)

  3. I've never heard of that Sugar Maple series before, but just reading the description you posted, it sounds like it would be right up my alley! I'm going to have to find copies, now!

  4. I really like Barbara's book. Haven't read Candace Camp in a long time. I like that cover though. Great wishlist. Hope you get these books soon.

    Have a great weekend! Here is mine: As the Pages Turn Blog

  5. I have ten new wishes list this week. Come by and see what they are.

  6. I haven't read anything by Candace Camp yet but love the blurb on this book might have to add to my list.
    On My Wishlist


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