Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review - Mistress by Mistake by Maggie Robinson

Title:  Mistress by Mistake (Book #1 - Courtesan Court Trilogy)
Author: Maggie Robinson
Source: Kindle (for PC)
Paperback, 352 pages

Published April 27th 2010 by Brava
Genre: Historical Romance

My Rating:

Scandal Is Only The Beginning...

Charlotte Fallon let her guarded virtue fall once-and she's paid dearly for it ever since. She swore she'd never succumb to men's desires again. But even a village spinster's life miles from temptation can't save her from a sister with no shame whatsoever. Or a heart that longs for more, whatever the cost...

Sir Michael Bayard found more than he expected in his bed when he finally joined his new mistress. He'd fantasized about her dewy skin and luscious curves, assured her understanding that what passed between them was mere dalliance. But he didn't expect the innocence and heat of her response in his arms. Nor her surprisingly sharp tongue once she was out of them...

A few days of abandon cannot undo the hard-learned lessons of a lifetime. Nor can an honest passion burn away the restraints of society's judgments. Unless, of course, one believes in nonsense like true love...

This book suprised me, I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I first found this.  It was a free book through Amazon (Kindle) and thought - hey why not!?  I'm actually glad I did pick it up.

Charlotte is mistaken for your younger sister, who is a well known Courtesan.  She wakes up in the arms of a stranger and is quite taken aback by her reaction to him.  Most of the story is banter between Charlotte (aka Charlie) and Bayard.  It's witty, funny and very sexy!  This novel could almost be considered Erotica..

Unfortunately I wasn't a huge fan of Bayard, he was not a hero in my opinion but almost the bad guy in some parts.  Bay has a few 'issues' he has to deal with throughout the story that complicates his relationship with Charlie.  One of them being his wife - a crazy one at that.  Charlie did come across as a spineless and whiny, but she did redeem herself near the end of the story. 

I wish there had been an epilogue, the story ended quite suddenly.  It's definately something I enjoy and look forward to at the end of a book.  And it really finishes off 'the happily ever after' of the characters.

I'm curious what the second novel will bring with the story of Laurette, who we meet only briefly.

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