Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday

Book Blogger Hop

Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?
Sometimes.  I originally picked my blog name when it was all about knitting, crochet and crafts.  I've kept it the same since I added books and cooking to my blog.
I might change it one day...


Share your current fav television show! Tell us a bit about it...
Hmmmm, that's hard to narrow down!  I have a few favorite shows right now!  Castle, Bones, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, House, Fringe, Stargate Universe, Sanctuary, Smallville...
If I had to narrow it down to JUST ONE it would be:  Castle - Author Rick Castle teams up with police officer Kate Beckett to solve some pretty gruesome crimes.  Kate is Rick's 'muse' for his new "Heat" series.
This show is pretty darn funny, both Mike (my hubby) and I love this show!


  1. I really want to watch Castle! I love Nathan Fillion! But I have to wait for it on netflix. I'm a new follower! My FF is at Coffee Table Press

  2. What's in a name? Everything! A name is a label, a description and a promise. I'm very happy with mine - "Howard Sherman, Implementor" but it was quite a journey to get there.

    Hop on over to my blog and find out why -

    Howard Sherman

  3. Hi,

    Hopping by, and now following, too! I really like your blog and its combination of topics. Those pictures you posted on Thursday are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts :)

    Feel free to stop by my blog in your spare time,

    take care,
    Ms C

  4. hopping by! new follower!! Hope you check out my blog as well! =]

    i love pretty little liars!

  5. Happy Friday!!! Old follower here! Great shows! I don't watch all of them but they are great! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by!

  6. Morning Aislynn!
    Happy Friday! Just passing through from the Friday Follow! Hope you have a great weekend filled with reading. Drop by my blog if you get a chance!

    Barb at Sugarbeat's Books

  7. I've heard so much about CASTLE, but I've never watched it. I do watch BONES, although it took me awhile to get into it because the show is sooo different than the books its based on. David Boreanz, though, SO hot.

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  8. Thanks for stopping by everyone!! Happy Weekend!

  9. Newest follower here via the Friday blog hop. I am a new contemporary romance writer and a reader of almost anything! Hope you stop by my blog and check it out.

    PS I'm also a big Castle fan and a new knitter. (The only thing I know how to make are baby blankets. LOL)


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