Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romance Week - Classic Romance - FREE BOOKS!

Did you know that Amazon and Chapters had free ebooks?!  Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea!!

Here are some great classics that are FREE!


Northanger AbbeyTitle:  Northanger Abby
Author: Jane Austen

Amazon | Chapters

Although Northanger Abbey was written prior to Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice, this work was not published until after Austen's death. It follows naive Catherine Moreland, an avid reader of gothic novels, as she travels to the fashionable city of Bath for the first time. Here she encounters a cast of characters worthy of Mrs. Radcliffe: scheming and flirtatious Isabella Thorpe, her crude and unmannerly brother John, the menacing General Tilney, and his son Henry - whom Catherine finds fascinating. But mystery surrounds the inhabitants of Northanger Abbey. Can Catherine separate fiction from reality, or will she lose her love forever?

EmmaTitle:  Emma
Author:  Jane Austen

Charming, spoiled Emma Woodhouse has a talent for matchmaking--or so she thinks. After her dear friend and former governess leaves Emma's home of Hartfield for a home of her own, Emma decides to take poor Harriet Smith under her wing. A witty comedy of errors ensues in which Emma at last learns to recognize her own match, but is she too late to claim his heart?

Jane EyreTitle:  Jane Eyre
Author:  Charlotte Bronte

Delve into Charlotte Bronte's gothic romance about a young girl - well-educated, but orphaned and poor - of upstanding character who is hired as a governess at a large manor. There she finds herself under the intense eye of Mr. Rochester as she cares for his ward. But as she tentatively engages in a romance with Mr. Rochester, something seems not quite right; there is a presence in the house that one seems willing to explain...

Little WomenTitle:  Little Women
Author:  Louisa May Alcott

Amazon | Chapters

Both a glimpse into the 19th century and a portrait of a warm family life during troubled times, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is an American classic. Based on Alcott's own childhood, this novel follows the exploits of of four very different sisters and the lessons of life they learn as they grow into adulthood and face their own little troubles and joys. From headstrong Jo cuting off all of her hair and Beth wistfully playing the piano to petted little Amy burning Jo's manuscript and motherly Meg treading into a youthful romance, these four girls will forever reside in the hearts of readers.

The Phantom of the OperaTitle:  Phantom of the Opera
  Gaston Leroux

Amazon | Chapters

A French novel about a disfigured man who haunts a Paris opera house and becomes obsessed with a talented young performer named Christine.

These are just a few of many classics of all genres!


  1. Sign up for emails for a site called Books on the Knob. They send out an email almost daily with the free books available for the kindle and nook.

  2. I'll have to check that out! Thanks Romance Girl!


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