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Guest Review w/ @snowdropdreams - Sinful in Satin by Madeline Hunter

Title:  Sinful In Satin (Rarest Blooms #3)
Author:  Madeline Hunter
Genre:  Historical Romance
Pages:  368
Published:  September 28th, 2010
ISBN:  051514844X
Publisher:  Jove
Source:  Purchased


When famed London courtesan Alessandra Northrope passes away, her daughter Celia Pennifold inherits little more than a hopelessly contaminated reputation, a house in a middle class neighborhood, and an education that prepared her to take her mother’s place the way Alessandra intended. Celia hopes to make her own life on her own terms, however, and moves into the house only to discover one more legacy—an enigmatic, handsome tenant who knows her mother’s plans for her future rather too well.

Jonathan thinks he is on a simple mission to discover whether Celia’s mother left accounts of her lovers that might embarrass important men. Instead he finds himself embroiled in a mystery full of dangerous betrayals and secrets, old and new, that touch on his life as well as Celia’s.


Chrystal's Thoughts:

I loved that this wasn't a typical romance story for this period. Our heroine isn't the type of lady that you normally read about - her mother was a courtesan and everyone believes she will follow in her mothers footsteps now that she is gone. Celia, however, has other plans - she just has to prove to everyone she is better than they believe her to be.

Her friends stand by her after they learn of her mothers past, though some still remain hidden while visiting to make sure their stature in society is not tainted. They even help her in anyway possible - from gathering gossip and lending a shoulder to cry on to helping her garden and offering her a way to earn an income that is not disgraceful.

At times Celia could be strong willed and stubborn and other times meek and scared. I loved this inner turmoil about her and how she was wanting one thing for her life, but unsure how to really go about it. Until she meets Jonathan, she doesn't realize that other people might trying to hide their past and move on with the future.

The relationship that develops between Celia and Jonathan is so amazingly sweet and pure. He knows who her mother is, yet he treats her better than she expected. At first it seems that lust takes over between the two, but as the storyline develops you see just how perfect for each other they are and cheer for them to stay together against the odds. They have their ups and downs, challenges when it comes to their respective pasts, and the disapproval of the higher-ups in society. Will love conquer all or will the stereotypes set by the general public ruin this beautiful courtship?

Funny enough I didn't realize this was book three in the Rarest Blooms Series. It just sounded good when I picked it up at the used bookstore. I will be on the lookout for three rest of the series as I loved this one so much, that I now need to see what happened in the others.


Historical romances are one of my favorite genres to read, though I have really only read books from one author in particular – Bertrice Small. My mother had tons of Ms. Small's books when I was growing up and the covers were adorned with the most beautiful women and strong, rugged men holding them. I used to daydream that one day I would be one of those pretty ladies in the gorgeous dresses being kissed by my hero. Mom wouldn't let me read any of her romance books though – I wasn't old enough to read them yet. So when I was finally in college I read my first historical romance and gobbled it up – I couldn't put the book down. I loved learning about the different time periods, the fashion, the customs and the names the characters had. Everything was just magical to me – some of the women were strong willed and others were milder in manners. I especially enjoyed the books that dealt with kidnappings or enslaving women that were caught on ships – their stories intrigued me, because I always wanted to see how they would get out of the situations they ended up in.

Historical romances/regency romances are probably my favourite go to book, because I always know I'm going to enjoy what I'm reading and get pulled right into the story. So whether I'm having an emotional time and just need a steamy romance to cheer me up or I am unable to pick my next read – I always head to one of these great books!

I am finally branching out to other historical romance authors such as Lisa Kleypas, Madeline Hunter and Meredith Duran. I cannot wait to try other authors so any suggestions for authors I should look for is greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much Chrystal for stopping by and telling us about Sinful in Satin!!  Make sure to go and visit my BFF at her blog Snowdrop Dreams of Books


  1. Every once in a while I need a romance book like this. Thanks -- I'll put this on my list for the next time I'm "in the mood."

  2. Those look fun.

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