Friday, May 13, 2011

Review: A Heart Renewed by Karen Baney

Title:  A Heart Renewed
Author:  Karen Baney
Genre:  Christian Romance, Historical Romance, Western Romance
Published:  April 2011
ISBN:  001268130X
Publisher:  Author
Source:  from author via Smashwords


Headstrong. Unconventional. Until life turns upside down...

Julia Colter struggles to accept life under her controlling brother's greed. The suitors he selects would benefit him, but are far from the ideal husband for her. When her rebellion against her brother puts her life at risk, she turns to her friend for help.

Adam Larson longs to train horses and plans to head west to the Arizona Territory to see his dreams fulfilled. When his sister's best friend shows up in the middle of the night, he agrees to help her flee. The decision changes his life, in more ways than he expected.

Can Julia forget the pain from her past and open her heart to love?


My Thoughts:

I was so completely blown away by this story.  I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!  This is the second book in the Prescott Pioneers series, and Karen did an incredible job!

The story of Julia is a sad one, she is the younger sister of Will Colter - who we are introduced to in the first book "A Dream Unfolding" (which I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing already!).  After Will left for Arizona, Julia was left with Reuben their older brother.  He is a nasty piece of work!  I don't think I could possibly dislike a character more then Reuben and what he did to Julia!

With the help of Adam Larson, brother to her best friend; Julia escapes Reuben's clutches and flees to Will's home in Arizona.  These two have some great chemistry, and he is one of the few people she trusts after her ordeal.

Also, we get a glimpse into Thomas - Drew Anderson's younger brother.  He was one of the reason's Hannah and Drew had to leave their home for Arizona.  I don't want to give away any spoilers from either book, but I love how these all tie in together.  Hannah, Drew, Thomas, Will, Adam and Julia.. all with their own story but are brought together.

This is a must read for anyone who loves Historical Romance, Christian Romance or Western Historicals.


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