Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: Always A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

  Always A Witch
Author:  Carolyn MacCullough
Genre:  Paranormal YA
Pages:  288
Published:  August 1, 2011
ISBN:  0547224850
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Source:  e-book via NetGalley


The adventures of Tam and Gabriel continue with more time travel, Talents, spy work, and of course, the evil Knights.

Since the gripping conclusion of Once A Witch, Tamsin Greene has been haunted by her grandmother's prophecy that she will soon be forced to make a crucial decision—one so terrible that it could harm her family forever. When she discovers that her enemy, Alistair Knight, went back in time to Victorian-era New York in order to destroy her family, Tamsin is forced to follow him into the past. Stranded all alone in the nineteenth century, Tamsin soon finds herself disguised as a lady's maid in the terrifying mansion of the evil Knight family, avoiding the watchful eye of the vicious matron, La Spider, and fending off the advances of Liam Knight. As time runs out, both families square off in a thrilling display of magic. And to her horror, Tamsin finally understands the nature of her fateful choice

I'm always a little nervous with sequels, especially when I really enjoyed the first book Once A Witch.  I'm worried I will be disappointed!

Thankfully I wasn't disappointed with this story, I did like the first book more - but this was a great conclusion to the story of Tamsin and Gabriel.

Tamsin finds herself back in time, trying to save her family from the evil Knight family - La Spider Alastair and Liam Knight.  She goes 'undercover' as a servant in the Knight household to learn what she can and protect her family from losing everything.

This was an intriguing story filled with time travel and magic.  Tamsin is exploring her new found powers and how she interacts with other Talents.  We are also introduced to a whole new range of Talents - from the past.  Tamsin is a lot more confident in herself through out this story.  She takes on the challenge and throws herself into it with gusto!

Again, in this story I love the interaction between the characters, and the budding relationship between Tamsin and Gabriel. 

I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Once A Witch or Paranormal YA.


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