Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: A Serving of Scandal by Prue Leith

Title:  A Serving of Scandal
Author:  Prue Leith
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Pages:  320
Published:  April 2011
ISBN:  9781552789483
Publisher:  McArthur & Company
Source:  ebook via NetGalley


Kate McKinnon is thirty-six and mother to Toby. She used to be a restaurant chef but that all stopped when Toby - now five - came along and changed everything. Now she has a small but thriving business catering for private clients, companies and some government departments. 

Her life is on an even keel. Then she gets a job cooking lunch at the Foreign Office and has her first fateful meeting with Oliver Stapler, Secretary of State. He’s married and a father and totally out of bounds, yet she falls for him. She thinks she’s hiding it beautifully, but there are people who would like to see her fail and to them her feelings are all too transparent. 

When someone alerts the gutter press, who cares whether Kate’s affair with Oliver is true or not? It’s a great story and will shift a ton of newspapers - and destroy several lives at the same time.

Poor Kate McKinnon, definitely dealt the short end of the stick when it comes to love!  Caught in a terribly situation with a very public figure her life is in shambles.  She can't even load her van without the photographers harassing her!  With no help from the Foreign Office, she tries to keep her life as normal as possible.  Oliver is unable to help her - on the advice of his advisers, he is dealing with his own personal issues!

This was a cute story, the characters were well written and engaging.  There were a few moments that kinda dragged, but it was well worth it!  Ms. Leith wrote an beautiful story!

This was a new author for me, but I will definitely been looking into some of her other works.


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