Friday, July 1, 2011

Interview & Book Excert with Tiffany Clare!!

As part of our Canada Day Blog Hop - I have special guest Tiffany Clare today!!

About Tiffany:

Deciding that life had far more to offer than a nine to five job, bickering children in the evening and housework of any kind, Tiffany Clare opened up her laptop to rediscover her love of the written word. Tiffany writes historical romances set in the Victorian era for St. Martin’s Press. She lives in Toronto with her ever-patient photographer husband, two mischievous children, a cat that thinks he’s a dog and a dog that thinks she’s human.

AT:  Where in Canada do you live?  Tell us what you love about your town or city.

TC:  Toronto. I love everything about it. The shops, the easy to use transit system, being in close proximity to everything I need (I don't drive at all, nor do I have any desire to ever get my licence--I think that is a Torontonian mentality).

AT:  Who is your favorite Canadian Author? Actor? Artist?

TC:  Actor: Ryan Reynolds. And that might have something to do with him being so damned hot, and a great actor altogether. Hubba-hubba. I will seek out any movie that man is in.

AT:  What is our favorite thing to do for Canada Day?  Do you go watch the fireworks? Or have a BBQ?

TC:  Canada day is about lounging around with the family. My husband always takes the kids down to the late (we are a two minute walk) to watch the fireworks - I never go, I'm mosquito bait! LOL 

AT:  If you could set a novel in Canada, where and what time period would you do so?

TC:  Modern day Toronto or Montreal. I REALLY love Montreal. It's my favourite other Canadian city. Though, I've never been farther west than Calgary/Edmonton, so maybe I'd love the west coast.

AT:  What are you working on right now?  Can you tell us a bit about it? I'm working on another

TC:  Victorian-set trilogy for St. Martin's Press. It's done in the vein of Dangerous Liaisons, and is about four friends who engage in dangerous games of wagers and seduction in their pursuit of pleasure until one goes too far.

AT:  What book is at the top of your TBR pile?

TC:  Too many to count? I'm actually reading research books right now since I have a deadline around the corner.

AT:  Favorite saying or quote?

TC:  Oh yes, many, but I'll just share the one: We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Ana├»s Nin


Cats or Dogs?

Black or White?

Wine or Beer?
Red wine please.

Movie or TV?
Movies, I'm addicted to movies, even really odd ones. Anything but horror!

E-book or Real book?
Depends. If it was between an ebook or a heavy hardback, I'd say ebook; ebook or trade I'd say ebook; ebook or mass market, mass market is my choice (unless it's one of those oversized ones that kill your hand after twenty minute of reading.

Coffee or Tea?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Favorite Holiday?
Halloween :)

Day or Night?

Favorite Day of the Week?


Excerpt from Secret Desires of a Governess!

The Secret Desires of a GovernessElliott crossed his arms over his wide chest. He watched her gaze flick to the open throat of his shirt, trailing lower to the exposed skin of his forearms where his shirtsleeves were rolled up. Then she met his gaze head-on, weariness making her lids heavy. She had traveled far by the looks of it.
     “Madam, do you always address your betters in such a fashion?”
     “How—how dare you speak to me thus. I’m here on your invitation!”
     That gave him pause, and he stood away from the wall. He hadn’t invited a woman up to the castle for more years than he cared to count.
     His earlier thought that she might be a lady of the night would not quit his mind. She might do if she wanted to warm his bed. After a bath, this woman would clean up nicely.
     Admittedly, she wasn’t his usual type. He didn’t like them to talk back.
     But once the thought of this woman in his bed was in his mind, it stirred his blood. Before he even realized, he dropped his arms to his sides and took a step closer to her. Her eyes widened, smoothing all the creases from her pretty face.
     She pressed the tips of her chilled fingers against the exposed skin of his chest briefly before pulling away. The skin-on-skin contact did more than set fire to his arousal. Her cheeks and neck flamed a cherry red in the golden light around them. He wasn’t sure when he had last made a lady blush. It made his body taut with need.
     He wanted.
     Until she stuttered, “I—I’m the governess.”
     The governess?
     Elliott forced himself to take a step away from her. What was he thinking? Better yet, what was he doing?
Also by Tiffany Clare:

The Surrender of a LadyThe Seduction of His Wife



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  1. Loved the Canadian spin to the questions...huh, which make sense given the theme, lol. Thanks for the interview and hope you both enjoy the day!

    BBQ-ing and reading Canadian today (in the sun which if finally out!)


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