Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day in the Life of.... Stacey Kennedy

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A Day in the Life of..

This is where us bloggers & fans get a glimpse inside the days of our favorite authors!

Today we have fellow Canadian, the lovely Stacey Kennedy!!!!


Stacey Kennedy’s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories you’ll find fast paced action, life threatening moments and a big bad villain that needs to be destroyed. Her urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance Ebooks Bestseller lists. If she isn’t plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she’s got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband. Be sure to drop her a line at, she loves to hear from her readers.

Any mother will relate to me when I say, “Life is crazy”. Being a stay-at-home mom is never an easy job, but it’s especially hard when you’re trying to be an author at the same time. During the school months, it gets a bit easier because I have one daughter who goes to school full days, and my son starts school half-days. So that means I get four hours every day to get my writing done. But right now, it’s INSANE! 

Ready, take a deep breath, because here is a day in the life of Stacey Kennedy.

6:00 – I wake up to a three year old bouncing on me.

7:00 – We finally drag ourselves out of bed, get dressed and get food in their hungry bellies.

8:00 – The kiddies have one hour to watch their favorite toonies. I spend this time answering emails, writing 
guest blogs/interviews or doing anything else that needs to get done.

9:00 – Playtime! We either go to the park, splash pad, play gym or anything else that’s just FUN!

11:30 – We drag ourselves home for lunch.

12:30 – The kiddies love crafts. So we’ll create something, draw, do puzzles or play with playdoh, while
trying to learn the alphabet. This is also the time that I get all of my housework done.

3:00 – Kiddies watch a movie. Stacey gets down to work! If I have edits, I work on those. But if I don’t have anything that needs to be done, I’ll spend this time working on a new project. I’ve been in tough edits on two different stories, so needless to say, new projects haven’t happened lately.

5:00 – I try to attempt to cook dinner. I’m not very good at it, but I try! 

5:30 – Hubby comes home from work. There’s lots of excitement that daddy’s home. We dig into the meal that most of the time my kids don’t want to eat.

6:00 – After clean up, we go for a bike ride, a walk, or something that just gets us outside and together.

7:30 – Bath time, story time, then the kids are off to bed. WOO HOO!

8:00 – I dive back into work and ignore the world so I can get as much done as possible.

9:30 – It’s time with the hubs! We love the show United States of Tara, True Blood, Dexter and lots of others. So this is when I curl up and snuggle with the hubby.

11:00 PM

Written out like that it’s no wonder I’m so dead by the end of the day! But…it’s all worth it. I love what I do—writing and spending time with my kids. I wouldn’t want my days any other way.

Thank you Stacey for coming by and sharing your day with us!!


  1. YAY a new Canadian author for me to try. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me share my life with you! ;-)

  3. That's an interesting day.. very cool


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