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A Day in the Life of.... Teresa Medeiros!!!

Welcome to Stitch Read Cook's weekly feature!!

A Day in the Life of..

This is where us bloggers & fans get a glimpse inside the days of our favorite authors!

Today we have the always fabulous TERESA MEDEIROS!!!!

About Teresa:

New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her first novel at the age of twenty-one, introducing readers to one of the most beloved and versatile voices in romantic fiction. She has appeared on every national bestseller list, including the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly lists. She currently has over seven million books in print and is published in over seventeen languages.

She was chosen one of the "Top Ten Favorite Romance Authors" by Affaire de Coeur magazine and won the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for "Best Historical Love and Laughter". She is a seven-time Rita finalist, two-time PRISM winner, and two-time recipient of the Waldenbooks Award for bestselling fiction.

Teresa is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America Honor Roll, Kentucky Romance Writers, and Novelists, Inc. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and her cats Willow and Buffy the Mouse Slayer. THE DEVIL WEARS PLAID, her 20th novel and most recent New York Times bestseller, was released in August 2010. Her first contemporary women's fiction novel GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART, a book about a man and woman who meet and fall in love on Twitter, was released by Gallery Books in January 2011.

A Day in the Life" of Author Teresa Medeiros

6:45 AM – Teresa awakens to the sound of animated bluebirds chirping the chorus from "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" outside her window. After a luxurious stretch, she plumps up her pillows and settles back on her 18,000 thread-count pillowcase while she waits for breakfast in bed to arrive.

TRANSLATION: Teresa's cat Buffy the Mouse Slayer gallops across the bed, making it clear that lollygagging about in bed will not be tolerated. When her efforts to rouse her mistress fail, she enlists the help of Teresa's other cat Willow Tum-Tum, who pounces on the bed and begins to knead Teresa's tummy with her paws as if it was a loaf of undercooked bread.   

7:15 AM – Teresa's maid Fifi arrives with a tray of Eggs Benedict, French toast drenched in 100% real Vermont maple syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice. Teresa settles back on the pillows to enjoy her repast while listening to the soothing strains of Bach and Mozart.

TRANSLATION: Teresa stumbles out of bed and down the stairs to pop two eggs into her Oster Egg Boiler. She wolfs down the eggs and a single piece of wheat toast slathered in Sugar Free jelly while watching fifteen minutes of the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE and marveling at the acting ability of the veins in Julia Roberts' forehead.

8:00 AM – Teresa's twin Swiss trainers Hans and Sven arrive for a rousing hour of Pilates and Yoga, followed by another hour of personal massage, all in the air-conditioned comfort of Teresa's lavish workout room.

TRANSLATION: Teresa jumps on her bicycle and huffs and puffs her way through a ten mile bike ride in the 95 degree heat. It is a good day. She is only chased by one dog.

9:30 AM – Teresa summons her personal assistant so she can attend to the most pressing matters of her workday.

TRANSLATION: Teresa scoops out the litter boxes.

10:00 AM – Teresa composes a Facebook update so witty and incisive it makes her Facebook friends weep with joy and her fellow writers weep with envy.

TRANSLATION: Teresa posts a pic of Willow Tum-Tum playing dead on her desk.

10:30 AM – Teresa arrives at her desk, eager to embark upon the joyful task of beginning her writing day.

TRANSLATION: Teresa hops in the car and goes to Starbucks.

11:30 AM – Realizing she has already written three chapters, Teresa retreats to the garden terrace for a lunch of quiche and freshly baked croissants.

TRANSLATION:  Realizing she has only written three sentences, Teresa warms up a Morningstar veggie burger in the microwave and spends another fifteen minutes wondering if it's possible for the veins in Julia Roberts' forehead to qualify for their own Oscar.

12:15 PM – Teresa skips back into her office, eager to let her imagination take flight once again.

TRANSLATION: Teresa reorganizes her paper clip drawer and calls several of her writer friends to see if they're writing.

1:00 PM – Teresa receives a call from her New York agent letting her know that Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler are fighting over the movie rights to GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART.

TRANSLATION: Teresa drifts off into a daydream where she receives a call from her New York agent letting her know Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler are fighting over the movie rights to GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART.

2:05 PM – Teresa dives right into her next chapter, so adrift in inspiration she's barely aware of the passing minutes.

TRANSLATION: Teresa returns to Starbucks with treat receipt she acquired earlier, which means she can get a Grande drink for only $2.00 since it's after 2 PM.

2:30 PM – Teresa takes a break from her manuscript to post a series of increasingly clever tweets.

TRANSLATION: Teresa asks Twitter followers if they've ever noticed how weirdly expressive the veins in Julia Roberts' forehead are and asks them if it's wrong to eat half a watermelon in one sitting. Teresa eats half a watermelon.

3:00 PM – After three more chapters of her book spill from her flying fingertips, Teresa decides to turn her creative attention to putting the finishing touches on a brilliant "Day in the Life" blog she has been working on for over two weeks.

TRANSLATION: After realizing she has only written three paragraphs, Teresa glances at her iCal for the first time that day and realizes with a start of horror that she has a blog post due in an hour. She eats the other half of the watermelon.  

5:00 PM – Teresa decides to celebrate the successful end of her workday by snacking on a tray of fresh fruit and cheese and watching some subtitled French films.

TRANSLATION: Joined by Buffy the Mouse Slayer and Willow Tum-Tum, Teresa puts the final season of "24" into her Blu-Ray player and mindlessly watches Jack Bauer save the world for the last time while gobbling down handfuls of pretzel M&M's.

Thank you so much Teresa for stopping by and sharing your day with us!!

Here is a treat for you guys - Teresa and her two BFF's made this amazing video :) It's one of my favorite songs LOL so I thought I'd share!!



  1. This is priceless. I've always wondered how my favorite writers spend their days! :)

  2. How fun! I am so there, but my two cats are brown and gray short-hair tabbys named Boris and Natasha because they're evil.

    Ain't nothing wrong with eating half a watermelon at a sitting.

  3. Love it. Teresa lives with transparency, because everything on this blog has happened on twitter or Facebook. I didn't know about the second trip to Starbucks, always wondered who kept their receipt and came back. Very fun.

  4. Hysterical! Teresa is one of my favs and it was great to get a peek into her life!


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