Sunday, August 7, 2011

Favorite Cookbooks

I LOVE to cook, and I love cookbooks! 
Here are a few of my favorites that are well used and most definitely loved! 


The Pioneer Woman Cooks:  Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

By:  Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman Cooks is a homespun collection of photography, rural stories, and scrumptious recipes that have defined my experience in the country. I share many of the delicious cowboy-tested recipes I've learned to make during my years as an accidental ranch wife—including Rib-Eye Steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce, Lasagna, Fried Chicken, Patsy's Blackberry Cobbler, and Cinnamon Rolls—not to mention several "cowgirl-friendly" dishes, such as Sherried Tomato Soup, Olive Cheese Bread, and Creme Brulee. I show my recipes in full color, step-by-step detail, so it's as easy as pie to follow along.You'll also find colorful images of rural life: cows, horses, country kids, and plenty of chaps-wearing cowboys.I hope you get a kick out of this book of mine. I hope it makes you smile. I hope the recipes bring you recognition, accolades, and marriage proposals. And I hope it encourages even the most harried urban cook to slow down, relish the joys of family, nature, and great food, and enjoy life.

I got this for Christmas a couple of years ago and I love it - Ree's website also has some amazing recipes!  My favorite is her Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Pizza (also one of Mike's faves!) 


30 Minute Get Real Meals
By:  Rachael Ray 

No pasta? No dessert? No way! Everything in moderation, says Rachael Ray. After all, some days only chocolate or spaghetti will hit the spot.

In Rachael Ray’s 30-Minute Get Real Meals, the bestselling cookbook author and Food Network star serves up another helping of creative, hassle-free recipes that are ready to rock your tastebuds in less than thirty minutes. The latest addition to Rachael’s runaway hit series of 30-Minute Meals cookbooks is designed for cooks who want to look and feel great but long for the fun and the flavor that’s missing from their extreme low-carb meals. Why fill your shopping cart and your stomach with processed, low-carb cereals and breads that taste like cardboard when you can eat the foods you crave? Here, at last, are recipes for those who just cannot and will not live totally carb-free: Pasta dinners made mostly with proteins and vegetables and only a couple of ounces of pasta per servings, fresh Thai and Mexican lettuce wraps, take-out-style stir-frys, and tons of burger ideas—with and without the buns. And when you’ve just got to satisfy that sweet tooth, even nonbakers (like Rachael) will flip for Nutty Creamsicle Pie, Stuffed Roasted Strawberries, and other surprisingly easy dessert recipes.

This one I picked up at the used bookstore - it was in perfect shape!!  This has some amazing recipes that are quick and easy.  My favorite is the Vegetable Portobello Pizza's on page 24.


Great Easy Meals
Food Network

The Food Network Magazine was launched in response to the requests of thousands of Food Network viewers. Now, in answer to the next round of prayers, comes the first ever Food Network Magazine cookbook. Like the magazine, the cookbook sets the table with multiple courses of recipes, variations, cooking tips and shortcuts. Among the goodies are Japanese-Style Crispy Pork, Garlic-Sesame Spinach, Glazed Radishes, Seared Steak with Chard Salad, Chocolate Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu Trifles, and Peach Melba. This inexpensive priced paperback original includes a novel all-photo recipe index.

This was one of those random on a whim purchases while standing in line at the grocery store.  I picked it up and started to flip through it while I was waiting and couldn't resist it!  Has some amazing recipes that I've been dying to try!


The Purity Cook Book:  A Complete Book of Canadian Cooking
By:  Elizabeth Driver

The Purity Cookbook has long been part of family traditions in many homes, and rare first editions are collector's items. Carefully reproduced from the original 1967 edition, this cookbook contains the recipes for an incredible variety of dishes, as well as tiny gems of kitchen wisdom that have been passed on from generation to generation. Handy charts detail the times for cooking vegetables, roasting turkeys, and cooking meat. With the Purity Cookbook, you can create an era of good, wholesome food just like your grandmother used to make.

Another one of those random purchases.  I picked this up at a local boutique style kitchen store on the waterfront one afternoon while browsing.  It was intriguing with some great old fashion recipes!


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  1. I love Pioneer Woman. She is so cool. I love the step by step images.


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