Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: The "What If" Guy by Brooke Moss

Title:  The "What If" Guy
Author:  Brooke Moss
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Pages:  296
Published:  August 2011
ISBN:  193704419X
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing LLC
Source:  from publisher for honest review


What would you do if your "what if" guy showed up at the lowest point of your life?

(Autumn Cole clocked hers with an encyclopedia.)

After losing her job at a swanky Seattle art gallery and finding out her father has been hospitalized, single mother Autumn Cole reluctantly returns to her tiny hometown of Fairfield, Washington, to put the pieces of her life back together.

Her disgruntled twelve-year old son isn't thrilled about going from hip to hick, but Autumn's got it worse. She resumes her role as the daughter of the town drunk, promptly facing a crisis with her father that's been decades in the making.
Running into Henry Tobler, and nearly breaking his nose, is almost more than she can handle, but can rediscovering love-and herself-with her "what if" guy teach Autumn to forgive before it's too late?
Clocking her first love across the head with a heavy encyclopedia wasn't probably the best course of action for Autumn when she saw Henry for the first time.  Thirteen years ago, she walked away from Henry - left him standing while she ran away from him and everything she loved. Now, after moving back to her hometown she finds him a teacher at her sons school.

Autumn and Henry don't have the most glamorous first meeting - most men would probably have run the other direction if they saw her coming his way again.  The relationship between these two grows as we go through the story - they of course have their up and downs like any relationship.

I loved the characters in this story - they were normal.  Autumn was an average girl - she wasn't drop dead gorgeous and was a little self conscious.  She is funny, witty, smart and a very talented artist.  Her and her son move home - to her small quaint hometown to start over and get back on their feet.  The poor kid hates it, and doesn't fit in at his school.  He's artistic like his mother and has a fondness for hats!

This was a GREAT summer read!  Brooke has written a fabulous novel!  I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone - it's a story everyone will love!


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