Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Must Haves..

Now that the weather is beginning to get cooler and the leaves are starting to change I've been itching to pull out my knitting and quilting supplies again. 

As well, I've been slowly pulling out all those cozy sweaters and fun fall clothes from the back of my closet and eyeballing the new arrivals at the local shops :)

Here are some of the things I've been adding to my fall must haves wishlist this year!


Things I'd love to make this fall:

The list could go on and on and on..

What are your fall must haves?


  1. You've made me want to dig out my knitting needles. Love that scarf....

  2. I'm the same way Annette! So many great patterns have started popping up for the fall and it makes me want to knit!

  3. I love the sweaters from this post. My must haves for fall are sweater, scarves, and my Ugg boots. I am excited for fall because I get to wear my books and cozy sweaters and sweatshirts. That is the best thing about it getting colder. I hate the snow, but don't mind getting a little cold. I live in Iowa and it is starting to get colder.


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