Monday, September 19, 2011

Jennifer's Garden Book Tour (Part 2)

Thank you so much Dianne for stopping by and joining me today!! 

Aislynn - Here at Stitch Read Cook I have a weekly feature called  - "A Day in the Life of.." Could you give us a brief summary of what your days are typically like?

- Wow--I'm tired just thinking about my typical day. I usually begin the day at 6:00am and get the kids ready for school, myself ready for work.  Yes, I sit at a home computer all day or crouch between the rows in my garden but it's still work, right?  My husband is a fairly independent fellow and needs little in the way of assistance from me.  Fortunately for him!

By noon I've zipped through cyberspace, zapped my in box, tweeted with my peeps, facebooked with my friends and fans and checked on the garden--or actually worked it, depending on the day.  Three times a week I volunteer in my kids' school garden teaching the little ones how wonderful it is to be an organic gardener.  To me it's important the kids make the connection between the seeds they plant and the vegetables they eat so this last Friday, when we cooked our peanuts, one child made my heart sing.    "Mrs. Venetta, vegetables taste better when you grow them yourself!"

It's my new mantra.  After school I slap my "mom" cap back on and it's grocery shopping, homework and dinner time.  Then husband comes home and it's visiting hour when we adults get to share our day and with any luck--we do so over a glass of wine.  Right about 10:00pm I start feeling like there's something I've forgotten and then it hits me--laundry!  Agh!  Up I go and wonder how did I miss that earlier?  The baskets are packed full, they're pushing at the lid...

Oh, yes.  Now I remember. The clang of the spin cycle against my office wall is MUCH too distracting.  I mean, I'm busy crafting fabulous fiction over here--I need to concentrate!

We simply don't do laundry during the day, anymore. :)  Back to bed at midnight it is!  (At least I'll get to squeeze another chapter or two in while the laundry runs.)

A - Can you describe your book in five words or less?

D - Hero charms heroine into self-discovery (does self-discovery count as one word?)

A - Who/what was your inspiration for Jennifer's Garden?

D - As an independent career woman myself in search of Mr. Right, I realized that many of my contemporaries were narrowing their list based upon job title and social status, ie. their men were likely to be equally or more successful than themselves.  Many women physicians married other physicians, lady lawyers married other lawyers, but then there were those who married the man you'd least expect, yet it worked!  There was one real estate dynamo in particular.  She married a fellow who'd be content to fish all day as opposed to work, but he was great with kids and generally an all around nice guy.  At first many of us thought:  is this going to work?
But it has, through three kids and twenty years!  Married early on myself to a successful man, I learned successful men like to control the world around them and sometimes that includes their wives.  Not good.  We divorced within two years and when I began my second (more successful) search, I focused on friendship.  Who would allow me to be me?  That's the man I wanted to marry.  Twelve years and counting!

A - What is your 'writing' music mix like?

D - Flamenco for sure, but then it's a mix of Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor...soothing music along these lines.  My mind needs to be calm when I write, else the creativity doesn't flow.  In fact, two of my best idea spots are in the shower (hard to find a pen) and in bed, right before I turn out the light. (I've decided that sleep is overrated.)  I mean, when the muse hits, you take notes!

A - Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure while you're writing?  i.e. a certain type of junk food or drink?

D - Not really.  My guilty pleasure is having a block of several hours to write.  A time when no one needs me and I can focus solely on my writing.  It amazes me, but I can run through eight hours without blinking, I'm that immersed in my story.

A - Can you give us a sneak peak into your newest project?

D - My next novel is called LUST ON THE ROCKS and it's Sam's story (Jennifer's best friend from JENNIFER'S GARDEN).  She's a lady lawyer who enjoys her freedom--especially the sexual kind.  But when she meets one Vic Marin her heart begins to long for more.  One case away from partnership, she's forced to share her high-profile case with him, but his eyes are on a different prize.

He has ulterior motives.  The defendant in her case holds the key to his revenge and his last chance for justice.  But as he chases old demons, he uncovers a powerful woman with no inhibitions, one he wants to possess for himself.  But decidedly single, Sam wants no part.  Until Vic walks away.

But will she follow?  Can she accept the traditional route of marriage and family?  What will it do to her career? She doesn't dare believe she can have both...

A - Who would you say had the biggest influence on your writing career and style?

D - That's hard to say.  I've read so many different authors over the years and attended so many different workshops, I don't know that I could pick one over another.  I can say that the successful authors out there like Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber give me reason to strive.  As to my style, I think the most influential advice has been to write the book of your heart.  Don't write to trends, write what you know and that's what I have done.
Is the world ready for romantic women's fiction?  Beats the heck out of me!  But it's the best description for what I write--what I love to write.

A - Would you ever write something outside your comfort zone?  Like fantasy or science fiction?

D - Goes to previous question.  I don't know if I could, let alone if I'd have the desire.  To date, the farthest I've strayed from my comfort zone is serious women's fiction.  No romance, just drama and not near as fun.  But when the idea strikes, you write!

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  1. I loved the mini "Day in the Life of" :) And I love that your advice for writing was write what you know - makes sense.


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