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Review: Fall by Jennifer Hurst (Blog Tour)

Title:  Fall
Author:  Jennifer Hurst
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages:  298
Published:  July 2011
Source:  via Author for honest review (blog tour)

Synopsis:  (via GoodReads)

Women and construction shouldn't mix. At least, that is what the client, Mr. Blackwell, thinks when Twenty-one year old Julia D. Halstead is promoted to project manager to remodel a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse into a bed and breakfast. However, the schoolhouse contains a dark secret that has been hidden for nearly a hundred years. A secret that will unleash the furies of Hell and cause the Angels in Heaven to weep as ethereal brothers, Matthew and Nathan, battle over Julia's very soul.

This from the beginning had me intrigued.  Being that I work in the construction industry and a woman -  the first line of the synopsis had me hooked.  Even my hubby was intrigued by it!  It's very true - the construction industry can be hard for a woman! I work in the material supply end of it and we still see some of it.

Julia or JD as she is known has been given her dream project - a remodel of an old school house into a bed & breakfast for a friend of her Grandfather's.  Right from the beginning she sees potential problems with the sub-trades.. particularly one named Matthew.  He is the only one who bids on the demolition of portions of the structure.  Immediately you see a connection between these two characters.  That 'zing' moment between them, when she's attracted but knows she shouldn't be getting involved with someone who is working for her - And him who can't seem to stay away from her.

We also throughout the story meet Nathan - Matthew's brother.  At first I didn't like Nathan but great to like him and root for him as the story progressed!  There are a few twists and turns (which I won't spoil) that definitely throws a loop in JD's love life and life in general!

The only thing about this story I didn't like was how fast it ended!  I wanted more!  The build up was incredibly well done and amazing to read.  It just all happened so fast - I kept thinking as I got closer to the end I WANTED MORE!!  I really hope that Jennifer's going to do do a second book with these characters!

This was a great read and anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with a hint of paranormal will love this.  This is a book that I will definitely keep and will re-read again!


About Jennifer:

My name is Jennifer Hurst.  I’m a storyteller, writer, artist, wife, mother, and adventure seeker.
And if life doesn’t bring me an adventure, I make one up.

Where to find Jennifer online: 

Where to buy Fall:

Jennifer is having a fabulous contest over at her blog - One winner will receive a gift certificate for a night’s stay at the actual bed and breakfast where the story takes place.

Other prizes include an autographed copy of FALL, and she will randomly select 3 contestants’ names to use in the sequel to FALL. Plus, they will receive a free copy of that book when it is published. 

Contest is open until January 31st, 2012 - winner will be announced on her blog! 

Each blog that Jennifer Hurst visits will have a different set of questions people can answer, and they may enter as many times as they want - but they can enter once per blog site that they visit. So the more sites you visit, the more you can enter your name, thus increasing your chances of winning the gift certificate, a copy of the book FALL, and your name in the sequel.

Here are the questions:

1.  What were the names of Liu's two nieces?
2.  What was Gramps favorite Christmas movie?
3.  What color is Matthew's truck?

Entrants have to answer three questions about the book they’ve read (bought, borrowed, or stolen - shame on you) and post a link to Jennifer's website on their Twitter, Facebook, or blog (need link for verification).

Make sure to order your copy of the book and enter her great contest!!


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind review. I really appreciate it. And yes, the sequel is in the works.
    Jennifer Hurst


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