Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Jennifer's Garden by Dianne Venetta - Book Tour (Part 3)

Title:  Jennifer's Garden
Author:  Dianne Venetta
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Pages:  316
Published:  May 2011
Source:  via Smashwords - for book tour
(Thank you Ashley!)


In a race against time, Cardiologist Jennifer Hamilton is caught between her mother's dying wish and taking the risk of a lifetime with Jackson Montgomery. He's the man hired to complete the landscaping for her new home--the venue for her upcoming wedding. Jackson's everything she never wanted in a man, but as the job progresses, his lure pulls strong. It's an attraction she cannot deny. And one that puts her career on the line.

I always love picking up a self published novel that blows me away.  And let me tell you this was DEFINITELY one of those!!  Dianne Venetta is one fabulous write who pulls the reader in with such vivid details and amazing interaction between her characters.  I devoured this novel - once I started I couldn't stop!  Much to my hubby's irritation!! LOL Hard to cook dinner when you keep running to the computer to read just one more page!

Jennifer's mother is dying and Jennifer more then anything wants to have her mother at her wedding.  She hires incredible gorgeous landscape architect Jackson Montgomery (aka Jax) on recommendation from her friend Michael.  While these two got off on the wrong foot - they have some great interaction and chemistry.  The sexual undercurrents with these two is FABULOUS!

Although Jennifer is engaged she can't get Jax off her mind.  Her fiance is perfect for her - Aurelio is smart, successful, educated and sexy.  How can she not love him and want to spend the rest of her life with him?  With some lingering doubts she has to decide what direction her life is meant to go!

This was an amazing story of self discovery for the main character Jennifer.  With her life thrown into turmoil she turns to her BFF Sam who helps her see the light.  These two have an incredible relationship.. through up and downs they are always there for one another and are always honest.  I loved that - every girl needs a best friend like that!  I know I'm lucky enough to have one in my BFF!

This is a great read and needs to be read - I highly recommended that everyone picks this up and check it out!

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