Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: The Last Seal by Richard Denning

Title:  The Last Seal
Author:  Richard Denning
Genre:  Ya, Historical Fiction, Paranormal
Pages:  374
Published:  August 2011
Source:  via Author for review & book tour


A powerful demon has been trapped under the city of London for over 300 years. Now, however, malevolent forces are at work in the 17th century, planning to unleash terror and chaos on the world. Two rival secret societies the Liberati and the Praesidum - are caught in a battle that threatens to destroy the city and its unknowing inhabitants.

When a truant schoolboy, Ben, finds a scroll revealing the location of magical seals that bind the demon, this throws him into the centre of a dangerous plot that leads to the Great Fire of London. Ben must overcome his own problems - fear of failure, desire for revenge, guilt over his parents deaths - if he is to protect the city, and confront the evil demon.

As the plot unfolds, a little more of the mystery about Ben's own past and his parents deaths is made known. Ultimately, Ben and his friends must combat sorcery, defeat the evil Liberati and destroy the demon if they are to save their city and themselves.

What an incredible mix of historical events and fantasy!  This book has everything - adventure, mystery, demons, magic, life and death situations and much much more!  Richard Denning has combined these elements to make one incredible read!

Ben is a troublesome, adventurous and smart.  He runs away from school and manages to get himself caught up in an bit of a spot with a young thief and a book seller.  Both these characters become an integral part of the story.  The group, along with a doctor are chased through the streets of London while the Great Fire rages.  Chased by the Liberati, demon Avatars, the Captain of the guards and his band of men - they must fight to stay alive to save London and the world!

Overcoming his fear and guilt, Ben has to reach deep inside to find his strength and power to defeat both his own personal demons and the one bent on destruction of everything.  Will he?  Will his friends survive and defeat the Liberati?  I'm not going to give away any of the story - so you'll have to pick up your copy of The Last Seal and find out what happens to Ben and his friends!

I honestly couldn't put this story down, Richard has such an amazing ability to suck you right into the story.  I can't wait for more stories of the Praesidum and their adventures!  Richard and his characters have easily made my top ten book list for this year - and I will definitely be picking up more of his works.

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