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A Day in the Life of.... Kate Noble!!

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A Day in the Life of..

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About Kate Noble

They say if you scratch the surface of a cynic, you find a romantic. As a typical middle child, Kate Noble spent a good portion of her early life developing a crusty exterior, while quietly nursing a whimsical, nougat-y core. This led her, quite naturally, to romance novels at a young age.

Nurturing the affect of the artistic emo kid, long before emo existed, Kate was also drawn into the world of cinematic storytelling, eventually going to college to study Television and Film Production. While she discovered she had no skill at camera placement or sound editing, she
did have a talent for writing the scripts. But certain types of stories she wanted to tell – the ones with empire-waist dresses and Dukes and carriages, the kind she had been reading in secret since she was thirteen – were best suited to novel form. And so, she gave novel writing a try.

A Day in the Life of Kate Noble

My days are fairly uneventful, but there is one thing that makes the clock tick for me.  And no, it’s not writing.  It’s food.

8 AM: wake up, to my boyfriend pulling me out of bed so I can go make his breakfast.  Instead I check Twitter on my phone.

8:15: I’ve ready through Twitter.  Boyfriend really wants his breakfast now.  (For those who are wondering, yes he is incapable of boiling an egg.  He’s tried.  Multiple times.  But to keep the kitchen from burning down first thing in the morning, I tend to make breakfast.)

8:45:  Breakfast!  (there’s an egg on that white plate, I swear.)

8:50: Boyfriend is out the door.  I get to shower.  It is glorious.

9:30: I’m dressed and ready to work.  But first, tea!

9:45:  ok, I’m really going to get work done now…

9:46: …if by work you mean do various emails, pay bills and check the sites I follow online.

10:30 – 11:30 YES.  I actually work!

11:35: I head out the door to meet some writing friends for coffee.  We meet at various coffee shops around the city, stare at each other until we are guilted into typing on our computers. 

11:37 On my way out the door, boyfriend sends an email, asking what we should make for dinner. 

11:40 In car, I have gum.  It’s mint chocolate chip – its glorious, like chewing a girl scout cookie for an hour.  

Noon.  At the coffee shop.  Coffee is delicious…

 Eh, and I’ll get a sandwich too.

12:30 – ok, I’ve eaten.  My friends are here.  We are all typing.  Let’s see how long we can keep this up.

12:35 – one of my writing friends has a plot hole.  We talk her around it.

12:45 – ok, actually going to work now.  I swear.  For reals.  After twitter.

1-3 Work!  Actually pretty consistently.

3:00: Time to break for a second coffee.  And a baked good.  Although nothing that tastes like that can be good for you – henceforth, they shall be known as baked evils!  I immediately feel guilt.

 3:15 – 4:30:  More work, fueled by afternoon sugar and caffeine.

4:30: time to pack it in for the day,

5:00-6:00 Gym.  Because of all the baked evil.

 6:30: home.  Boyfriend has put in a request for dinner.  It involves a chicken.  Which I’m all for, because the boyfriend has a small obsession with cooking chickens. (Yes, the boyfriend can’t make an egg, but he can cook a whole chicken.  The irony, she is thick.)

8pm: A little extra time for work – which I use to read, research, answer email, drink tea.  Although, depending on the day of the week, this may or may not be done in front of the television.  (For the curious, during this time, Boyfriend is playing Call of Duty.  And will be, for the next 4 hours.)

9:00 PM – Dessert!  (ok, truth be told, this is a photo I took off the internet – I ate my ice cream too fast to take a picture of it.)

11:30ish or so – bed.  To read, in theory, but more likely I will fall asleep in a crash of caffeine withdrawl.

And that’s a day in my life!  Truly boring, and I’m sure it provides absolutely no insight into the writing process – other than in takes a lot of caffeine and some delicious baked goods to get through it.


Thank you so much Kate for stopping by and sharing your day!
Make sure to check out her new release "If I Fall" coming in April 2012

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  1. Oh, the glamorous life of a writer. :D Loved the post.


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