Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Giveaway - Vintage Vampire Stories


Long lost to the public in out-of-print pulp magazines, dusty Victorian anthologies, and the pages of now defunct newspapers these vintage vampire stories have truly proved immortal.

Resurrected now for the year 2011, this is a stunning collection of nineteenth-century vampire stories by heavyweights such as Sabine Baring-Gould and Bram Stoker.

These rare stories are arranged in chronological order from 1846 to 1913 and are compiled by two of the world's leading vampire anthologists and experts. Also included are rare images of Bram Stoker's handwritten manuscript pages for Count Vampire (1890) courtesy of the Rosenbach Museum Library in Philadelphia.

Before there was Twilight and Vampire Diaries there was Dracula!  This book is filled with pre-WW1 stories that were printed in newspapers and pulp magazines of the time.  Many of these haven't been available to the public for years!  Anyone who loves vampires will totally love this great collection of vintage stories. For a look inside this unique collection click here.

Thomas Allen & Sons has graciously offered 5 copies of Vintage Vampire Stories to 5 lucky readers!

Just in time for Halloween!


  1. Whaattt?!! 5 copies of freaking amazing Vintage Vampire Stories?! VINTAGE? Oh, yes, please!!!
    I can't believe no one entered yet! it's such a shame!!! I'll tweet about it right away :D Thank you for this awesome giveaway,sweets! Fingers crossed!

  2. My fave vampire would have to be Louis from Interview with a Vampire (he's got a conscience).

    I'll tweet to help spread the word too. :)

  3. My favorite campire would probably be Damon from the Vampire Diaries. He's bad like old vampires!

  4. My fave vamp still has to be Lestat in Queen of the damned in film and there are too many to list in print. Malachai from Shiloh Walker would def be on the list though

  5. I really like Colleen Gleason's Vampire series -- Gardella Vampires.

    I think there are four book in the series. I'll tweet about the contest now - a fab contest! Thanks.



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