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Virtural Blog Tour: Whirl by Emma Raveling

Title:  Whirl
Author:  Emma Raveling


Seventeen-year-old Kendra Irisavie is an ondine, a water elemental caught in the middle of an ancient war. The Aquidae are immortal dark demons who will stop at nothing to destroy the fragile balance of the Elemental world. Fierce and independent, Kendra has always played by her own rules. Gifted with the powerful magic of Virtue and trained to be a deadly fighter, she has spent her life breaking hearts and getting into trouble.   

When her life explodes one violent night in a northern California city, a dark stranger appears, promising answers to her mysterious past. Alone and with no one to trust, she must now navigate through a dangerous new world, face the temptations of a forbidden romance, and remain true to her duty and destiny. All while the Aquidae continue to hunt her down, in the hopes of eliminating her forever…

An edgy urban fantasy/paranormal romance, Whirl is recommended for older teens and mature readers due to strong language and mild sexual situations.

Whirl: Book excerpt
The following is an excerpt from Whirl. Kendra has just arrived at a new school, Lumiére Academy. She meets the headmaster for the first time. 

I settled into the uncomfortable wooden chair in front of the headmaster’s desk, resentment pouring out of every cell in my body. I was never much for confined spaces and the idea of being stuck in a boarding school for another year was like my worst nightmare come to life.

he headmaster’s eyes flickered over me, and I realized that the Aquidae encounter had probably left some dried blood and bruising. It seemed to make him nervous.Good. I wasn’t planning on making it any easier.“Kendra Irisavie.” It took me a moment to realize he was addressing me.

Every few moves, Mom had changed our last name for precautionary reasons. For the past three years, we’d been using the name Durrand and I hadn’t heard anyone call me by my real name in…well, forever. 

“I’m Headmaster Pelletier and we’re here to discuss the arrangements for you to be a student at Lumiére.” 

He opened a file on his desk that had my name written on it in bold, black letters. “You’ve been Rogue and living among humans your entire life.” I heard the undertone of disdain and my dislike of him grew exponentially. “The human education system is very different from the schooling for water elementals. Your case is a first for us.”

“What can I say? I’m an original.” His pompousness was irritating.He gave me a reproving look. “According to your records, you haven’t exactly been a diligent student.” He took out a sheet that looked like a school report and read aloud. “Shows academic potential and leadership skills amongst her peers. But has frequent behavioral problems and an inability to respect authority. Confrontational, quick to get into fights, skips class on a frequent basis, shows a lack of concern for rules.” 

I shrugged. I’d heard the same thing said about me in the fourteen different schools I’d attended.

About the Author:

Emma Raveling is a fantasy author who leads a slightly eccentric life traveling throughout the world with her accommodating husband and charming, neurotic dog. Hopelessly addicted to coffee and diet coke, she has a strange love of spreadsheets and organizational tools because they give her the illusion that she is somehow in control of the chaos that is her life. A dedicated practitioner of vipassana meditation, Emma loves to cook and often spends time scouring the Internet for new recipes. She adores beautiful art such as painting and sculpture, classical music, lyrical writing, and great graphic design. Whirl is her debut book. She is currently busy at work writing Billow, the second installment of the Ondine Quartet series.

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  1. Hi Aislynn - Thank you so much for having me here today and for being a stop on the tour!

    I love hearing from readers, so I'll be checking in throughout the day if anyone has any questions or wants to chat.


  2. Wow this books does sound amazing. I'm glad to have a copy for review as well (though not through this blog tour) - I'll be getting to it shortly because this just made me want to push it to the top of my pile! :)

  3. Hi Chrystal! :waves:

    Great to see you here! I remember our lovely email exchange when Whirl was just released. I'm thrilled you'll be reading it soon!



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