Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: Cankered Roots by G. G. Vandagriff

Title:  Cankered Roots
Author:  G. G. Vandagriff
Genre:  Contemporary, Murder Mystery
Pages:  227
Published:  July 1994
Publisher:  Deseret Book Co
Source:  via Author for Gala Tour


Genealogy sleuths Alexandra Campbell and Brighamina Poulson make their first appearance as Alex reunites with her parents for the first time in eighteen years. The result is murder!

In order to solve the crime, she and Briggie have to uncover the secrets in Alex's own family tree, discovering in the process why she was sent away to Paris at age eighteen. Her searches yield facts that explain the strange isolation of her adolescence.

A recent convert to the LDS Church, she is still grieving over the death of her husband but is powerfully attracted to Daniel Grinnell, a psychotherapist who knows just a little too much about her for comfort.
Right from the beginning this book had me hooked - murder, genealogy and adventure!  How could I pass this book up?  Being an amateur genealogist and family history buff I couldn't wait to dig into the story of Alexandra (Alex) and Brighamina (Briggie)'s adventure into Alex's family tree.

Every family tree has it's skeleton's and secrets and Alex's is no exception.  She never understood why her parents refused to talk about certain events and people.  And why they shipped her off to Paris at such a young age.  With every secret she discovers unravels another pops up in it's place - who is the woman in to photo and how is she connected?  Why is her Grandfather's boat hidden way in a garage?

I hate to give away anything about this story as it's such adventure and who doesn't love a good murder mystery?  Half the fun is trying to figure out who did and why!

There were so many elements about this story that I loved - the characters, the setting and how it all came together.  G. G. Vandagriff has done an incredible job - and I will definitely be on the look out for the rest of the books in the Alex & Briggie Genealogy series.

Anyone who loves a combination of history, genealogy, mystery and suspense will love this novel.  I highly recommend it!

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