Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: What Stays in Vegas by Beth Labonte

Title:  What Stays in Vegas
Author:  Beth Labonte
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 2011
Publisher:  By Author
Source: via Author


Bored administrative assistant, Tessa Golden, is trapped in a life of lousy weather, irritating bosses, and mind-numbing secretarial work. Her dreams of being an artist have rapidly deteriorated into building things out of paperclips while on hold with tech support. To make matters even worse, the love of her life has gone off and married another woman.

So when Tessa is suddenly transferred to the Las Vegas branch of her company - playing wing-woman to her freshly divorced boss, juggling a client from hell, and catching the eye of one very eligible coworker - will her life finally be shaken up enough to straighten itself out?

Tessa is a secretary administrative assistant extraordinaire!  While she may be amazing at her job, she isn't happy in her current situation.  When she is requested by one of the head honchos, she takes the transfer of a lifetime - to Las Vegas!  With fancy cars, paid for apartments and an expense account - Tessa is thrilled to be working for Kendra - until she actually starts working for her.

I loved Tessa - she was funny, witty, and managed to keep Kendra out of too much trouble (for the most part!)  She was very relatable - which I always love in a character.  Tessa is in love with Nick, BUT he is married to someone else.  At some point or another we all have had unrequited love in our lives.  Poor Tessa has to watch him fall in love and marry (who she thinks is the wrong girl) Megan.  If I had a transfer like Tessa's come up, I probably would have pounced on it too if I was in the same situation!

So many opportunities present themselves to Tessa, which one will she take??  Will she end up with Chris or Nick?  Will she stay in Vegas or go back home?  Will Kendra find love again?

This was a quick read - one I thoroughly enjoyed!  Anyone who loves contemporary romance will get a kick out of this story.  Definitely one I would recommend.

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  1. This is coming up in my TBR pile... glad to see you liked it. :) My review should be up soon - I hope. LOL


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