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Blog Tour: All I Want For Christmas by Ros Clarke (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Title:  All I Want For Christmas
Author:  Ros Clarke

Last night, Anna Gardner was the life of the office Christmas party—right up until she threw herself at gorgeous advertising executive playboy, Hugh Munro. Again. Last year, Hugh let her pretend their passionate kiss never happened, but this year he’s determined to make Anna admit she wants him as much as he wants her.

Except, Hugh doesn’t know the office party is the only night of the year his friend lets her hair down. That every hour she’s away from the office is spent caring for her sickly mother. That her mother’s condition, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, is hereditary.

When Hugh finds out what she’s been hiding, he’s forced to do some serious soul-searching. It’s not fair to Anna or her mother for him to get involved casually, but casual relationships are all he knows. Can he prove to himself—and to Anna—that she’s all he wants for Christmas?

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Ros Clarke is a writer, a student, a church worker, a crafter, a blogger, a twitterer, a lazy gardener, and an appalling housekeeper. She is interested in almost everything except cricket and football (US and UK) and mostly she likes happy endings in fiction and in real life.

You can find Ros at her website and follow her on Twitter!

I love food.  I love cooking it, I love eating it and I love writing about it.  In fact, I'm writing a story about a restaurant critic and a chef at the moment. So it was a great disappointment to me that the two main characters in my Christmas novella are such unadventurous eaters. Whenever they visit their favorite Italian restaurant, Anna always orders the spaghetti alla vongole and the tiramisu.  Giovanni, the restaurateur, tries to tempt Hugh--with oxtail, braised for days until it is tender enough to eat with a fork or a traditional dish of pasta with duck livers--but he always goes for a safe option like lasagna.

Since this is a Christmas story, including a traditional British Christmas dinner, I'm sharing with you one of my favorite Christmas recipes: bread sauce. Of course, you can eat bread sauce whenever you have roast chicken or any other kind of poultry, but the scents of the cloves and the bay leaves as it simmers are wonderfully Christmas-y.


1 pint milk
1 onion
12 cloves
12 black peppercorns
2 bay leaves
4oz slightly dry bread
freshly ground nutmeg
1oz butter

1. Peel the onion but leave whole. Stick the cloves into the onion.
2. Put the milk in a saucepan with the onion, bay leaves, peppercorns and a pinch of salt.  Place over a low heat until, then turn the heat off and cover with a lid.  Leave for several hours. 

3. Use a food processor to turn the loaf of bread into breadcrumbs.

4. Strain the milk to remove all the flavorings. Return to the pan and place over a low heat.  Add the breadcrumbs, the butter and the freshly ground nutmeg. Stir until the sauce has thickened and the butter has melted.  If it gets too thick, add a little more milk.

5. If you are not serving the sauce immediately, you can replace the onion and the bay leaves, to allow the flavors to continue to develop. Make sure to remove any stray cloves before serving!

I like to make breadcrumbs whenever I have some bread in the house that's gone a bit too dry to eat.  They freeze brilliantly in a Ziploc bag, and defrost almost instantly when you need them.  The bread sauce itself can easily be made in advance and frozen. You might need to add a little extra milk when it's reheated.

Yum!! That sounds amazing - I think I will definitely be adding that to my little book of recipes to try.

Thank you so much Ros for stopping by and sharing your favorite holiday recipe with us.  I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


In honor of Ros' visit today she's giving away an e-book copy of her novella
"All I Want For Christmas"!!

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Happy Holidays!


  1. My mother-in-law (now deceased) used to make homemade chocolate covered pretzels that were divine. I looked forward to those so much. Now, my hubby and I make standing rib roast for Christmas. It's expensive but it is a once-a-year treat!


  2. Ooh, chocolate-covered pretzels sound fantastic! Did she pass on the recipe?

  3. My favorite christmas dish? Tourtiere!

    email jackiebriere at shaw dot ca