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What Does This Time of Year Mean to You?

Lots of folks have religious ties to this time of year, but lots of others, like me, don’t. I grew up in a house that celebrated Christmas, but was not Christian. Kind of a head-scratcher, eh?My dad was raised Jewish and broke from organized faith in college. My mom was raised Methodist and did the same – left the family faith on her own, before meeting my dad. They raised my brother and I to respect all religions and taught us about practices they learned from all the people in their lives.

Because of my parents, I knew what the Koran was before 9-11, laughed at my father’s travelers’ ignorance involving Goliath beetles during a trip to Nigeria, experienced his worry at having a Jewish last name when heading to Saudi on business trips, and heard about the generosity of the Japanese and their hospitality while sipping a never-empty glass of sake. When I was young, I played in our Falls Church neighborhood with diplomat’s children and didn’t bat an eye over a language barrier. My favorite quote when I was in elementary school was “Everybody smiles in the same language.”

There was never a lack of morals or a misunderstanding of right from wrong in our house, despite the lack of a set faith. Christmas meant Santa, or as I like to tell my non-Christian friends, “The fat man in the red suit.” Easter meant candy-filled eggs, stuffed animal bunnies, friends, and a big meal (and it often overlapped with Passover). Which made Passover a truly unique experience—Southern dishes mixed with Jewish dishes, hunting for matzah and silver dollars wrapped and hidden in Grandma’s house, and learning what a “jigger” of scotch was when making drinks for the grown-ups (it’s a measurement of alcohol equivalent to two fingers placed against the glass. Unless you have little fingers like I apparently did, then Grandma told you to use three).

In our house all the non-secular holidays, like the fourth of July or Memorial Day, were presented in just the same fashion – a time for family, a time for sharing, a time for being in the moment. That last one is especially important now with the rise of ipads, smart phones, net books, tablets, game systems, and unlimited wi-fi in your home.

I plan to disconnect during the holidays and hark back to a simpler time. I want to play games with my kids that don’t require batteries, and watch movies without rushing to check something on my ipad or post my thoughts on FB. I’m especially looking forward to those quite moments between my husband and I… you know the ones I’m talking about. The moments where we re-connect in mind, body, and spirit (but hopefully more than once in the body category ;-)

I also plan on reading a lot. My TBR pile is huge and I’m looking forward to stealing a quite moment in the bath or staying up late and reading ‘til my eyes feel gritty. Contemporary fantasies, urban fantasies, erotica, and maybe a few that skitter close to paranormal romance. Too many good titles to choose from these days!
What about you? How do you plan to unwind this holiday season? Do you and your family share any special religious or non-religious traditions that you’ve kept up through the years?

In honor of traditions, old and new, I’d like to give away a set of ebooks from my V V Inn series to a lucky commenter today. Thanks for having me on your blog, Aislynn, and I wish you a great holiday season with your family and friends!


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  1. Thanks for being here C.J.!!! Without fail, we have we just finished a Gingerbread Barn :0 (No it did not go well. More like a demo project lol.) As far as winding down goes, really just being with my daughter, fiancee and our saint bernards is all I need. When we are all together, I can weather anything <3 Thank you for the interview and giveaway chance :0) Merry Christmas to CJ and Aislynn <3

  2. I plan to do tons of reading, have plenty of good food and movies on hand. It's definitely a time for family.


  3. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Stacey and Na! I'm all about family this time of year, until they drive me crazy and I must escape to my bath tub ;-)

  4. When I was young, my family had a tradition of going to my grandparent's house each Christmas Eve. There would be a big dinner, which was loud and crazy considering my grandparents had 11 children, and then when you add grandkids and sometimes great-grandkids into the mix it was very crowded. My grandfather would read the story of the first Christmas aloud and everyone would sit quietly, from the oldest to the youngest.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

  5. Some of my "favoritest" Christmas memories were from when I was a kid (back in the dark ages! LOL) - we had part of my grandfather's classical record collection, which included several Christmas albums - we also had our own Christmas records - one year, instead of the obligatory cookies and milk for Santa, I put on a whole stack of Christmas records for Santa so that he would have some mood music while leaving the presents. I also loved it when my grandmothers would be with us - and my mom making cookies for our cookie tree - way back in the day, before it became the thing to do, mom would make a birthday cake for the Baby Jesus - angel food cake, of course, with vanilla frosting and Swiss Chimes that would turn when the candles were lit.