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A Day in the Life of.. Katie MacAlister! (& Giveaway!)

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For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading. Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book. Despite her love for novels, she didn’t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non-fiction book about software. Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialogue or love scenes in the software book, Katie swiftly resolved to switch to fiction, where she could indulge in world building, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes.

Two years after she started writing novels, Katie sold her first romance, Noble Intentions. More than thirty books later, her novels have been translated into numerous languages, been recorded as audiobooks, received several awards, and are regulars on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. She also writes for the young adult audience as Katie Maxwell.
Katie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs, and can often be found lurking around online.
 A Day in the Life of Katie MacAlister 

I get up around 5 am. I don’t do this by choice, but I have dogs, and they insist that 5 am is the time that is most perfect for getting up. I’ve tried to point out that 6 am is just as good, but they will have none of such foolishness.

After cursing for a good three minutes over this fact, I work through the worst of my bile and manage to drag myself out of bed. This is immediately followed by the tending of two dogs who firmly believe they’re nothing more than hairy little kids. Only when they are (at long last) satisfied with the state of their morning do I manage to get to the computer to see what e-mails have come in overnight.

E-mail #1: Dear Katie. I have to write and tell you how much I love your stories. They’re so real! I'm in the middle of writing my own book, and I hope you don't mind me using your vampire world.
That goes into the To Be Answered queue.

E-mail #2: Dear Katie. Have you ever wanted to have a bigger penis?

Now that is a loaded question! Into the trash with you.

E-mail #3: Dear Katie. I want to tell you about my Internet love story, so you can use it in a book. When I met my husband, he was actually a woman, but was undergoing sex change therapy…

Er…TBA queue again.

E-mail #4: Dear Katie. I like your books a lot, but can’t afford to buy them. Can you please autograph one and send it to me? My friend Bridget likes your books too, so if you could also send her one, so she won’t get mad at you for sending me one first.

*headdesk* TBA.

Flushed with the victory of having sorted and even possibly answered e-mail—although my To Be Answered queue goes back almost a full year now—I decide that such diligence and hard work should be rewarded, and I’d spend a few minutes playing an online game, and chatting with some friends.

Ten o’clock rolls around, and although I’m shocked to realize my “few minutes” have stretched into four hours, a bone deep need burns within me. I am an author! I have deadlines! I have to write! And by heaven, write I will. Out comes the book in progress. After checking the word count to see if it has mysteriously grown overnight—I live in hope of the book faeries paying me a visit while I sleep—I settle down to read over the last couple of pages of the manuscript. Aha! I was just about to do a love scene! How fun! I put on my Serious Author face, and prepare to write.

It’s at that point I realize that I never put a load of laundry in the dryer. I wonder if I should go do that, but no, I have deadlines! I will not be distracted from this course! I must write. A love scene awaits!

I mull over what my couple is going to do in this love scene, and begin writing.

“Oh, Raoul,” Julianna said, giving her new husband a look that wasn’t come hither, it was come pounce on me right now before my breasts explode. She flung her arms around his manly form, delighting in the muscles and sinew and deliciously male scent of him. “Raoul, my love, my life…have you ever smelled clothes that have sat around in the washer? It’s a nasty musty smell. Just thinking about it makes me sneeze. People should not leave their wet clothes in the washing machine.”

Oh dear. Well, clearly this isn’t going to work, so I go put the clothes in the dryer, and then of course, I realize it’s time for elevenses even though it’s only tenses, so I make a fresh cup of coffee, and return to the computer, renewed, refreshed, and filled to the brim with determination. I have to get that love scene written today. If nothing else, I will get that love scene done.

Oooh! New e-mail! It could be something important from my darling agent Michelle. I’d better check.

E-mail #5: Dear Katie. I am the author of Mr. Stupendo's Fabulous Book of Stuff, which is just as wonderful as the title sounds. I'm attaching a PDF of the book so you can see just how great a book it is.  Please pass it along to your editor and agent.

File: To Be Answered

E-mail #6: Dear Katie. It is with deep sense of purpose and utmost sincerity that I write this letter to you. My name is Maurice Wambabwe. Before the civil war, I was a director in the Ministry Of Mines and Natural Resources in the SIERRA-LEONE Government. Shortly before I was arrested, I was entrusted with the sum of twenty-six million, four hundred thousand united states dollars for safekeeping, and would like to reward you for helping me regain access to these funds.

Hmm. Think I’ll pass on that. I have more pressing things on my plate than Maurice’s problems, namely, this very important love scene!

“Julie,” Raoul growled, his hands around her soft, delectable flesh.
“It’s Julianna, actually, but that’s all right, you can call me whatever you want because I wouldn’t want to spoil the excitement of the moment with such trivialities as names, or the fact that you have a hangnail, or whoever it is at my door that is making my dogs bark…”

*sigh* A quick peek out the window cheers me up to no end. It’s the dishy UPS guy!

Ten minutes later, having fondled the author copies of my latest book, I’m back at it, dedicated to the job at hand. Love scene or die is my new motto.

Oooh! E-mail! And this one is from a well-known editor at another house. What could it be? A blatant attempt to woo me away from Editor Kate? A letter raving about my latest book? An offer to co-write a book with Laurell K. Hamilton?

Dear Katie. Recently, I acquired an exciting new book. It’s fabulous, funny, witty—everything a book should be! The author is going to be a huge, huge name, and we here at Big Publisher are so excited about her, we’d love to have a quote from you for this guaranteed blockbuster book.

*sigh* Back to my love scene.

“Raoul!” Julianna demanded, her body quivering on the verge of an orgasm so profound that it would quite probably stop the earth’s rotation. “Where are you going? I’m not done!”
“The mail’s here,” Raoul said. “Can’t you hear the mailwoman honking her car horn?”

Oh. Mail. If I ignore the mailperson, she’ll just leave whatever it is in the driveway. And I do really need to get this scene done. But…it could be something good. I’d better go see what she has.

I return with a box of Very Expensive dog bones and a large envelope from my darling Michelle. Inside the latter are a handful of letters from readers. I eye them. I have work to do. I have a deadline! Raoul and Julianna have surely waited long enough for consummation of this love scene. I just need to finish it. This book is far more important than mere fan mail.

Maybe just one. The one with the odd symbols drawn all over the envelope looks interesting…

Dear Katie: My name is Gordon, and I am a big fan of yours. It’s a little difficult to get your books here in the Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility for the Criminally Whacked Out, so if you could send me some, along with a clipping of your hair, fingernails, blood sample, and personal item of your clothing, it would make me really happy.

Ew. Um. That’s going in the Never To Be Answered stack.

By now it’s past lunch time, and after letting the dogs in and out approximately 1,233 times in two hours, I settle back down to FINISH THE DAMNED LOVE SCENE.

“Take me now,” Julianna demanded, grabbing Raoul’s hips and pulling him onto her. “Right now! Like, this second! Before anything else distracts her!”

The phone rings. It’s Michelle seeking my opinion on a contract she's negotiating. This is clearly important, so even though Julianna and Raoul are secretly plotting to hire a hit man to do me in, I tell them to cool off for a few, and deal with the contract issues.

An hour and forty minutes later, I return to the computer. Julianna is now in a huff on the far side of the room, browsing through an adult toys catalog. Raoul is watching ESPN. This is my last chance. I have to get this scene written, or I’m going to have to yank it completely and rethink my entire plot.

I type slowly at first, gaining momentum as the love scene unfolds in all its glory. Despite all the distractions of the day, my muse finally kicks into high gear, the words flying fast and furious off my fingers. My eyes closed so I can better visualize, I write the definitive love scene, one filled with poignancy, exploring the emotions and feelings of two people who have come to realize that they are truly soul mates, meant for one another, demonstrating their love in physical acts that are described in simple, yet powerful prose, prose that brings them to a climax, a summit of their being, a moment of rapture so perfect, it brings tears of joy to my eyes, and I know deep within my being that I have written the love scene to end all love scenes. This will be my best book yet, and this scene alone will be responsible for my Pulitzer Prize win. My career will skyrocket. My sales will soar. JD Rowling will no longer be the richest female author in the world! I may even run for president!

I reach for the Kleenex, dashing away the tears to read over this work of brilliance, this perfect love scene, knowing that it won’t need any editing, but wanting to bask in its glow once again.

You know, the concept the home row on the keyboard is a really important one to grasp. If your fingers are off even one letter, it’s virtually impossible to recognize anything you’ve typed.

I speak from experience.

This, my darlings, is what a typical day at my house is like. Is it any wonder that people view most authors as slightly left of normal?



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