Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Jaded by Kenya Carlton

Title:  Jaded
Author:  Kenya Carlton
Genre:  Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery
Pages:  160
Published:  March 2011
Publisher:  Parker Publishing
Source:  via Bewitching Book Tours


War correspondent Mia James is back on US soil and ready to tackle a juicy political story that could make national headlines.  A politician’s aid goes missing, and the son of the wealthiest family is the only suspect.  

Determined to take down the mayor of the small seaside town, Mia comes up against an angry ghost with her own agenda.  Afraid she may be suffering from post traumatic stress Mia figures that she’s way over her head and enlists the help of resident black sheep Gabe Montgomery. 

Now, she must solve the mystery of her not so friendly ghost, stop herself from falling in love with the mysterious winery owner, all while making it out alive.

Don't let the cover on this book fool you!  This story is jam packed with mystery, romance and a hint of paranormal.   Mia is a world renowned journalist that is sent to the small town of Vine to do a story a local politician, his family and their missing intern.  With her cousin Tracy in tow they rent a beautiful old home that is supposed to be haunted.

When she first arrives in town, she had no idea that Gabe Montgomery, a photographer from her past; lives just on the outskirts of town.  These two have some fantastic chemistry and some great banter throughout the story.  Gabe calls Mia "Barbie" to get her riled up!  I loved these two characters!

Throughout the story was have flash backs to the late 1940's - where we meet Jade and Jackson.  These two are interwoven into the story.   Jade's story leads Mia and Gabe on a merry chase, which could end in them losing their lives if they aren't careful!

I really enjoyed this story, it had so many elements that I love in a good book - romance, mystery, ghosts and a touch of danger!  This was my first read by Kenya Carlton, and I will definitely be checking out more by her.  Anyone who loves Romantic Suspense with a touch of Paranormal will enjoy this story.

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