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A Day in the Life of... Tristi Pinkston!

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A Day in the Life … Tristi Pinkston

Hi, everyone!  My thanks to Aislynn for inviting me to participate.  I’ve never followed myself through a day before—I’m sure I’ll discover lots of things about my schedule that I can improve upon.  Things have been a little crazy lately—I was in a car accident at the start of December so I’ve been spending a lot of time at the chiropractor and doing physical therapy, but I’ll give you a run-down of a regular day.

As a freelance editor, my prime work hours are at night when the kids are in bed. I’m usually up until 2:00 am editing, so my day doesn’t start until around 10:00 am. I homeschool, so I don’t have to get up to rush people out the door, and my children are a little older and all pretty self-sufficient in the mornings, so that makes it possible for me to sleep that late.  Then I get up and do a quick walk-around to make sure I still have four children and one didn’t lock another one in the closet or something, and I make sure they’ve eaten.  Then I assign out their morning chores—unloading the dishwasher, changing out the laundry, picking up their rooms, taking out the trash, stuff like that.  While they are doing their jobs, I sit down and check my e-mail.  That is the first big thing I do every day.  It establishes the finishing touches on my to-do list.

I scroll through my e-mails and delete all the spams and the ads and the stuff I don’t need to worry about.  Then I go back through and answer all the emergencies.  Then I’ll go back through and address the important e-mails that aren’t quite emergencies.  If there are e-mails about things I need to do, but I don’t have to do them right now, I put those in a special e-mail folder and I address them later in the day.

After I’ve done those things, (during which time I’ve usually put each child on their second chore for the day) I go through and update all my virtual book tours.  Yes, in addition to being an editor, I am a virtual book tour coordinator—that’s actually how I met Aislynn. I see what reviews have come up, which are still lagging, and I e-mail links to my clients.

Right around this point, the kids are done with their chores and I allow them some computer/video game time.  Also around this point, I realize that it’s noon, so I head for the shower.  And I may or may not sneak in a little Words with Friends at this point also …

I get a ton of great book ideas in the shower—it’s quiet, and there’s something about water that just helps me think.  So after my shower, I’ll jot down any ideas I had.  At this point of my day, I’ll usually make lunch and then do housework and homeschool.  But right now, I’m not allowed to do housework.  So you just imagine that part.

Later in the afternoon, I head back to the computer. I write a few blogs for, where I write in Marriage and in Homeschool.  With that done, if the kids are still happy, I’ll start working on one of my own books.  Right now, I have a few in various stages, and so I’ll pull up one and add to it or revise or edit.  My serious rough-drafting is another thing I usually do late at night.

When my husband comes home, we have dinner and spend a little time together, and then I get back on the computer.  Because my time during the day has been fragmented with my other life roles, he takes over at night and puts everyone to bed.  This is when I’m able to really focus and get some solid work done, from about 8 pm until 2 am.   I’ll edit for clients, work on my own books—whatever I most need to get done.  By spacing out my computer time during the day and then taking more solid chunks at night, I’m able to put in a full day by the time I go to bed.

Some nights, my brain just won’t work anymore, and so I’ll snuggle down in bed and watch a movie, or I might . . . I might . . . even go to sleep early.  That hardly ever happens, though, so don’t bank on that.  I also review books, so I’ll sometimes read myself to sleep.

This schedule is vastly different on Sundays.  I go to church with my family, and then spend a lot of time sleeping.  I think that’s a good thing to do, considering how much my sleep schedule is disrupted the rest of the week.

It’s a crazy life, sometimes broken up by book signings, writers conferences, taking kids to Scouts or other activities, but I really love my life.  I love writing, I love helping other authors, and I love that I can work from home and be right here if my kids need anything.  It’s really an ideal situation for me, and I couldn’t ask for more.  Except maybe a little more sleep.

You can learn more about Tristi Pinkston and her books and author services at


  1. Since you play "Words With Friends" you might like to visit my blog to try my TV trivia anagram game. Unscrambling letters to make words is good practice for WWF.

  2. I will have to come check it out, Leona - sounds like fun!

  3. Brings out the voyeur in me. Thanks for letting me spy on your life. But I am a little tired after reading about your day. Pretty sure I couldn't handle living your day. Fun post

  4. Hi, Taffy!

    Tapper, I'm pretty tired living my life. :) I don't really recommend it. It does have fantastic high points, though ...


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