Saturday, January 14, 2012

DNF: The Social Climber's Handbook by Molly Jong-Fast

Title:  The Social Climber's Handbook
Author:  Molly Jong-Fast
Genre:  Contemporary, Murder Mystery
Pages:  240
Published:  April 2011
Publisher:  Villard



Upper East Side socialite Daisy Greenbaum is accustomed to the finer things—designer clothes, summers in the Hamptons, elite private school educations for her daughters, and a staggeringly expensive Park Avenue apartment. But Daisy finds her well-heeled lifestyle on precarious footing after her husband, master of the universe Dick Greenbaum, learns about some shady dealings that threaten his position at The Bank.

Daisy refuses to allow her family to slip down the social ladder, so she devises a madcap plan: Anyone who jeopardizes her place at the top will simply have to be dispatched—six feet under. From Dick’s arrogant boss to his scheming former mistress to a pair of nosy bloggers, Daisy’s hit list is a who’s who of big names with even bigger secrets. But with the body count rising as the Dow Jones falls, can Daisy really get away with murder?
I hate admitting that I couldn't finish or didn't like a book.  I admit I'm picky when it comes to books and it really has to catch my attention for me to pick it up.  Unfortunately for this book, despite the great sounding blurb; I just couldn't get into it!  The blurb for the story sounded great, something I could potentially love.

Daisy is a society wife, nice clothes, lots of money - the best of the best.  Only the best schools for her daughter and designer clothes.  Unfortunately, her husband is about to lose his job and put the life she loves in jeopardy.  She decides to take matters into her own hands.

The story started out well, we meet Daisy, her husband and their daughter.  But I just couldn't get past the first couple of chapters.  I had hoped there would be some funny moments to balance out the financial information, but sadly I was disappointed.

This book may appeal to some, but unfortunately for me it didn't work out.


  1. I agree that the premise sounds fun, and the cover definitely looks promising. Bummer that this one didn't work out - it really is so hard to DNF a book and then write about it. Nicely done, though, on your part.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I'm really disappointed when I don't enjoy a book.. I really want to like them all but sadly it's just not possible.
      I don't get many DNF's, so I agree they are very difficult to write.


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