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Review: All About Seduction by Katy Madison

Title:  All About Seduction
Author:  Katy Madison
Genre:  Historical Romance
Pages:  384
Published:  December 2011
Publisher:  Avon
Source:  NetGalley


Caroline Broadhurst is about to take a lover -- at her husband's command. For fifteen years, Caroline has done everything her much older husband has desired -- except provide an heir. Now he has given her an ultimatum: seduce a suitable gentleman and bear a son. Caroline would never think of bowing to such a shameful order, but then she meets Jack Applegate.

Jack has longed for the beautiful, untouchable Caroline for years, but the chasm between them was too wide to ever dream of crossing. Now, fate and passion have thrown them together, but the potential scandal threatens to smother their love. And when a violent secret comes to light, only a terrible sacrifice will prevent the flame of their affection from being snuffed out forever. . .
Caroline has been married to her husband for 15 years.  He is old enough to be her grandfather, has had 2 previous wives who have died in rather 'unusual' circumstances.  Now, after all this time Mr. Broadhurst has decided he wants and heir to pass on his wealth and business to.  Unfortunately for Caroline, he's unable to provide her with the means to do so.

Behind her back, her husband contacts her brother.  He enlists his help in organizing a party with men who might just help with their cause.  The thought of all of this disgusts Caroline and can not find a way to change her husbands mind.  Leaving her with no choice but to seduce a man willing to sleep with a married woman.

I felt for Caroline, I wouldn't want any woman to be put in that situation.  Threatened by her husband, she will lose everything if she doesn't agree to his terms.  Put in a difficult situation she tries to make the best of it - until she meets Jack.  An employee who has admired her from a far and is now injured and staying at the main house.

There were aspects of this story I didn't like, mainly the situation that Caroline was in.  She was a great character who in the end gets her Happily Ever After.  She definitely has to work for it and overcome some pretty big hurdles.  I love Katy Madison's books and while the theme wasn't my most favorite I did enjoy the book.

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  1. Wow, this one sounds kind of sad!!! I hope it all works out in the end! The cover is very pretty!!


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