Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: A Vampire's Deadly Desire by Liv Rancourt

Title:  A Vampire's Deadly Delight
Author:  Liv Rancourt
Genre:  Paranormal
Pages:  161
Published:  January 2012
Publisher:  Black Opal
Source:  via Bookish Snob for tour
Where to buy:  Amazon


She’s a quiet, unassuming bookstore owner by day, but by night...

Kristen has a deadly secret—when she smells a vampire, she turns into Jai, a beauti-licious babe who makes vamps permanently dead. To a vamp, Jai is like ambrosia. They can’t resist her. She uses this attraction, plus her super strength and her trusty blade, Mr. Sticky, to end their undead lives. The thrill of wearing miniskirts without worrying about cellulite stifles any qualms Kristen might have about killing the undead. Being Jai is the most fun she has ever had—until they come up against the one vampire Jai can’t kill. If he and Jai have a history, as he claims, Jai can’t remember it...or him.

But when her work catches the attention of some old enemies—who won’t hesitate to destroy Kristen if it also means the end of Jai—this vampire may be their only hope. Can Kristen and Jai learn to tell the difference between good and evil in time to defeat Jai’s ancient nemesis? Or will being Jai’s hostess cost Kristen more than just a little sleep?
Unable to resist her, vampires die at the hand of the beautiful Jai.  Once the vamps turn to dust, Jai turns into quiet, book store owner Kristen.  Trapped in the body of hostess Kristen, Jai only gets to come out and play periodically.  Triggered by the scent of vamps, with trusty weapon Mr Sticky; she's dressed to kill.

Kristen's life, work and love life have been thrown into complete chaos since Jai came along.  With best friend Robbie and her pet spider Herbert, she tries to balance everything.  After waking up in a strange place, bad things start happening to both Jai and Kristen.  Someone is out to get them both!

This was an extremely unique read.  I don't think I've ever read a vampire novel, where the main character is actually two personalities in one body.  Kristen and Jai are complete opposites - one is quiet and bookish while the other is outrageous and kills vamps for the thrill of it.  In the past, I have found switching between characters can be confusing and frustrating - but this was extremely well done and I didn't find it detracted from the story.

The concept for the book was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the story.  I don't want to give away too much to the plot, as it does have some interesting twists and bumps along the road.  If you're looking for something unique, fun and sexy - this is definitely something you'll want to read.

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