Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance Week: Most Romantic - Chrystal (from Snowdrop Drop Dreams of Books!)

 Each day this week I'm having a special guest who is going to share their "Most Romantic.."

I'm thrilled today to have my BFF Chrystal from Snowdrop Dreams of Books share her "Most Romantic.." with you all!  Thank you C!

My name is Chrystal and I am a 30-something book-aholic. I am generally seen reading a book almost everywhere I go. If I travel, there are usually two books with me. I have PDF versions on my cell phone and audio books on my iPod. I probably have over 100 books that still need to be read on my book shelves (even a handful tucked in my hope chest - as I have run out of spaces to keep them all).

I will read anything that is put in front of me. My favorite genres are YA, paranormal/urban fantasy, chick lit/romance, dystopian/post-apocalyptic and mystery.
I also love crafting... sadly I have not accomplished many projects this year. I hope that changes as I would like to start making gifts for people instead of buying things people don't need. I am on a mission to learn to sew, knit and crochet. I already love scrap-booking and jewellery making. And I enjoy photography.

Most romantic day during our first trip together!

First off, this trip was to attend my sister's wedding in June 2010. It was not just Greg and I driving out east, but my parents were along for the ride as well. So all four of us were together 24 hours a day, for 10 days. By the time we arrived near Halifax, we decided to meet up with my sister and her future husband so that my parents could hop in their car and we could have an afternoon to ourselves.

We decided to head to Peggy's Cove to see the lighthouse and some of the more “traditional” imagery of Nova Scotia. The drive out there was confusing and we got lost twice, though we had a lot of fun laughing it off.

We arrived at the tiny village of Peggy's Cove about an hour before sunset. It's was a beautiful day and so nice to just be alone for the first time in days. We took our time strolling along the quiet road that led from the small fisherman's cove all the way to the lighthouse. We spent time climbing on the rocks, trying not to get hit by the waves that crashed and splashed us, took tons of photos  and wandered hand in hand to check out the little shops. 

The one photo we took was of the fisherman's cove area and it was because his mother had visited there about 30 years before and it was impressive to see what had stayed the same and what had changed. We climbed down onto the shore and picked up rocks and shells.

On the drive home, we passed this little restaurant that had this fun little photo stand out front that you could take your picture by popping your head through the holes. We were driving by pretty fast and once we both realized what we had just seen, we put the car in reverse and just had to take a silly picture together (I even had to put the camera on the car with the auto setting to get this picture). 

I just asked Greg what he thought our most romantic moment together was and he blurted out,  “The afternoon we spent at Peggy's Cove”. I'm happy to see that we are so in sync. That afternoon was very enjoyable for the quiet time we spent together, the sweet moments we shared, and the memories of how beautiful everything was there.

If you are ever in the Halifax area, I highly suggest taking the drive out to Peggy's Cove.

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  1. The cove looks so romantic there. I want to visit someday. I've been to Eastern parts of Canada before but not in that area.


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