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Romance Week: Most Romantic - Jenny Gardiner (GIVEAWAY)

 Each day this week I'm having a special guest who is going to share their "Most Romantic.."

Jenny Gardiner is the #1 Bestselling Kindle author of the award-winning novel Sleeping with Ward Cleaver; the memoir Winging It: A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who's Determined to Kill Me; the novels Slim to None (#1 bestseller on Kindle); Anywhere but Here; Where the Heart Is; and Accidentally on Purpose and Compromising Positions (writing as Erin Delany); and is a contributor to the humorous dog anthology I'm Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship. Her work has been found in Ladies Home Journal, the Washington Post and on NPR’s Day to Day. She and her family live in Virginia. Visit her at her website,

I’m going into the vault for this one, but it was certainly romantic, at a time in my life when romance was most needed. Our ninth anniversary was approaching. Nine years is sort of an off-year, nothing particularly of note to celebrate. On that weird list of traditional gifts for anniversaries, the ninth one calls for pottery. Or leather. Go figure.  There were probably a few times back then when pottery would likely have made a great gift simply for target practice against the wall, allowing me to vent the frustration and exhaustion that is so common at that stage in a marriage, with small children and very little freedom.

Yep, at that point in our marriage the “real world” had certainly taken its toll on us. By then we had three kids, ages 5-1/2, 4 and almost 2. Sleep was a thing of the past, a mere fond recollection of our wasted youth at that point. What did we have to show for it? Our three spectacular children, of course. But that and a cup of coffee might allow you to stay awake through dinner. At the time my husband was traveling frequently for business, which meant I was humping it at home while he was on the road. And that winter we’d had a succession of three freak blizzards that left us housebound and sick with what seemed like endless cases of strep throat, with a couple of stomach bugs thrown in for good measure. Which meant mommy wasn’t happy, and we all know what happens if that’s the case...Yep, you got it. Nobody was too happy and I sure needed to get away.

Cue fairy godmother, in the form of my husband, who devised the brilliant idea for us to travel to the Virgin Islands, where we’d gone for our honeymoon less than a decade earlier, when we were younger, thinner and definitely more well-rested. At that point in my life I’d have been content to hang out in a bus station, if only to have a break from the constant demands of mommy-dom. As much as I cherished my wonderful, beautiful babies, it was exhausting maintaining the pace of caring for such young children. I was pooped. I needed a breather.

We headed off for five glorious days in the Caribbean: emerald waters, sugar-white beaches, therapeutic sunshine, curative spa treatments, and some serious R&R. From the minute we were greeted with tropical drinks at the airport to the first-night sunset cruise, the week was perfect. I couldn’t imagine it getting much more perfect. And then on our anniversary, my husband surprised me with a 10-year anniversary ring, a diamond at that. He decided to do it a year early since I’d never expect it. I wouldn’t have even expected it for my 10-year anniversary! So yes, I was lovely surprised.

The kids are mostly grown now, but the appeal of our little slice of Virgin Islands, a site of such happy moments in our lives, still calls to me. One of these days when the bank account is feeling bloated (please, let’s hope that happens some day!) I hope I can surprise my husband and take him back there, even if the desperate need for the getaway isn’t quite so pressing. 


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  2. replacing my Kindle with a new Kindle can be the first book in color!!!

  3. Hey Kari! Thanks for stopping by and SO happy you're enjoying my books! I've got more coming soon I hope ;-). Thanks Rachel for stopping by--whoo-hoo, I'm in color!

  4. Just finished "anyway but here" on my Christmas gift-a Kindle fire and LOVED it!! Will totally add more of your books to my collection soon...even if I dont win :-} erin713 at gmail dot com!! thanks for the opportunity :-}

  5. Jenny, your books all sound so heartwarming and entertaining. I just read the blurbs of some of them after reading this post. Your five days in the Caribbean sounds like paradise! For now, though I have to visit these places via stories but hopefully some day I can soak in the sun overseas :)


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