Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romance Week: Most Romantic - Miranda Neville (/w GIVEAWAY)

 Each day this week I'm having a special guest who is going to share their "Most Romantic.."

Miranda Neville grew up in England but as a long time resident of the United States she considers herself bilingual in American and British English. She has written five historical romances for Avon, including the popular Burgundy Club series, drawing on her knowledge of rare books gained working at Sotheby’s auction house.

Publisher’s Weekly has described her work as a “mix of hilarity, mystery, and passion.” She is a member of The Ballroom group blog and wastes too much time on Twitter.

Her next book, CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE, will be released on March 27th.
A Most Romantic Date

Back in my teens, I spent a vacation with my family in a rented cottage on the south coast of Cornwall, England, near Falmouth. At the time I was mad for the novels of Daphne Du Maurier, especially Rebecca and Frenchman’s Creek, both set in Cornwall. The latter is a wildly romantic tale of a seventeenth century aristocratic Englishwoman who flees London and her dull husband to rusticate on their Cornish estate. There she falls in love with a French pirate and ends up having to chose between an adulterous love and her duty to King and husband. It’s a wild, swashbuckling adventure, complete with an evil villain. Don’t expect a happy ending, but I can tell you the hero, Jean Benoit Aubrey, is super hot. The book was twice made into a movie, in 1944 and 2006.

One night we were having dinner with friends in the next village, including a couple of boys, who were naturally of great interest to my fifteen-year-old self. The topic of Daphne Du Maurier came up and one of the boys asked me if I’d like to see the real Frenchman’s Creek, the secret harbor where Aubrey’s ship was hidden, the very location that inspired Du Maurier to write the book. Turns out it was quite close, accessible from their cottage by boat.

Can you imagine anything more romantic than have a young man row you by moonlight to a deserted secret harbor? A place that inspired a favorite book? I wish I could say it was the start of a lifelong romance but actually I never saw the boy again. Never mind. It was still one of the most romantic dates I ever had. To gentlemen looking for a truly original way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I recommend a visit to a location in your lady’s favorite book.


What romantic location from a book would make your favorite Valentine’s date?

Just leave a comment here (with your email address)  and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of THE WILD MARQUIS, the first book in my Burgundy Club series.

Drawing closes Sunday, February 19th. Sorry, US residents only.


  1. Oh, how sweet--even if it never worked out for you two. :)

    I'd be happt with any location--particularly in Ireland, England, or Scotland though. I'm completely in love with the three places (especially in my romance books). :)


    1. i hope you get to take a trip across the Atlantic once day, TBQ!

  2. Would love to visit a grand estate or castle in Great Britain. A nice romantic picnic in a folly on a hillside over looking water would be so awesome!

    Sue P.

    1. Good choices, Sue. I love follies and have set many scenes in them in my books. I recommend Stourhead Park. A great spot for a romantic picnic!

  3. I'd say my favorite Valentine's date would be an evening in a rustic castle in the Scottish Highlands in front of a roaring fire, snuggled up under a plaid with some great bread and cheese to nibble on and possibly some alcoholic beverages.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

    1. Lay on the Scotch whisky, Barbara! Sounds divine.

  4. I've always liked the idea of those hunting lodges some of the Lords have - a fire, some yummy food & champagne - when could be more intimate & relaxing.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

    1. A hunting lodge sounds great, Di, especially if I don't have to go out in the cold and wet and actually do any hunting

  5. I enjoyed your post.

    Budapest, Hungary


  6. My favorite location would be an old castle. An intimate dinner for two with candlelight, soft music, lots of finger foods to feed each other, a sexy guy (possibly a Highlander in a kilt).....Yep, I would love that one! Thanks so much for the wonderful post and the giveaway.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com