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A Day in the Life of... Cynthia Justlin

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Cynthia JustlinCynthia is a former Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Finalist in Romantic Suspense. She started out writing contemporary romance, but when all her plots began to turn dastardly, she decided to stop fighting the urge to throw explosions, dead bodies, and evil villains into her books.

With her B.S. in the chemical sciences and her love of the periodic table (yes, she’s a geek and proud of it!) she finally found the perfect potent mix of love and danger to put into her stories.

Cynthia lives in Arizona with her real life hero husband and their two sons.

A Day in the Life of Cynthia Justlin

I could probably sum up my day by just confessing how long I stared at my computer screen to write this post! I can see that on my epitaph: "She who stares at computer screen all day". But just because I'd hate for you all to think I lead such a mundane existence, I'll try to spice it up a bit.

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. I roll over and smack the snooze button and cuddle in close to my husband for a few extra minutes of sleep.

6:09 am: Alarm goes off again. Snooze time is over. Or not. I hit the snooze again.

6:18 am: Alarm goes off a third time. This time I'm REALLY getting out of bed. Well, maybe one more snooze wouldn't hurt...

6:27 am: I have exhausted all available snooze time and now must leap out of bed or risk being late.

6:30 am: On my way to flip on the bathroom light, my foot meets something squishy. I have a bulimic cat, apparently, who loves to gorge on his food and then leave me presents on the carpet. Fun! I deal with the mess and then go to wake my two awesome children.

6:35 am: I continue to try to get my two boys out of bed, listening to the low grumbles of "school is torture" and "I barely slept!".

7:05 am: The boys have been fed, lunches made, and it's out the door to get them to school.

7:35 am: I'm back home and ready to settle in for a day of work. I take a few minutes to grab a quick breakfast, make some tea and head up to my office.

8:00 am: With my computer fired up, I vow I'm going to get right to work and not going to check email. And then I proceed to ignore that rule.

9:00 am: I'm now feel guilty and open up my Word program, watching the curse blink ominously on the page.

Two hours later... The cursor still mocks me.

Noon: I'm exhausted from all the work I managed to do, and starving to boot. I decide to make myself some lunch.

1:00 pm: Finally, inspiration strikes and I'm off and running as my heroine, gathering clues and dodging bullets.

1:30 pm: The highlight of my day. I explode something (well, in my story, anyway).

2:15 pm: Time to pick the boys up from school. On the way home, I try to drag little bits of information about their day...any morsel or crumb about what they learned, what they did that was fun, what they did that was not so fun. I get the standard response of "It was good". Or my other favorite "I don't remember."

3:00 pm: We begin the long arduous task of homework. I supervise. And wonder when my children became smarter than me.

5:00 pm: Dinner prep, one of my least favorite tasks, but a family's got to eat.

6:00 pm: We sit down to dinner. My husband

7:00 pm: After dinner cleanup, which is even less exciting than it sounds. I daydream about being like the kid on that old movie, "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" where he sits on the roof shooting the dirty dishes and then proclaims, "Dishes are done, dude." I'd like to try it once, anyway.

9:00 pm: The absolute favorite part of my day! My boys are ready for bed, they have their final bedtime snacks in hand, and we snuggle on the couch together and read. I know there's going to come a day when they are too old for this (at 11 and 12, people may say they're already too old...they can certainly read anything they'd wish to read on their own), so I cherish it. We read anything from the Percy Jackson series, to the Charlie Bone series, to the How to Train Your Dragon series, to the absolutely silly Cheesie Mack, or the awesomely intense Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, or one of my childhood favorites The Phantom Tollbooth.

9:30 pm: The boys are in bed, and my husband and I settle in for some quiet time on the couch in front of the TV. As we're not big TV watchers, we rarely find anything worthwhile to watch. Which doesn't matter anyway, since invariably, I end up falling asleep in his lap while he rubs my head or my back.

Sometime after that, I stagger off to bed, and prepare to do it all over again the next morning.

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  1. The mocking cursor is pretty bad but not as bad as the non-blinking one where you know it has frozen...and your work hasn't been saved.

    When I was growing up my favorite time was also bedtime because my mom could tell or read us stories :)

  2. I love to snuggle in bed & read - sometimes I get to do it twice a day - when I first wake up & when I go to bed.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  3. I love when I can sleep in in the morning, when the warm sun shines through the window and the fresh morning breeze licks my face, and I know I don't have to get up for another 10 minutes or so :) Awww... I want Summer to be here already! :D

    Great guest post, I often feel the same when I have a "bad review day" = trying so hard to put the words together, when all you really want to do is close the computer and snuggle with a book :)


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