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A Day in the Life of... Tessa Dare

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Tessa Dare is the USA Today bestselling author of eight historical romance novels and two novellas. She has twice been awarded the RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award, and has twice been a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® award. Her books have been contracted for translation in ten languages. Recently, Booklist magazine named her one of the “new stars of historical romance.”

Mixing wit, sensuality, and emotion, Tessa strives to write Regency-set romance novels that feel relatable to modern readers. With her new “Spindle Cove” series, she’s had great fun creating a fictional seaside community populated by women who defy the conventions of their time—engaging in such unladylike pursuits as medicine, geology, and artillery. And she’s had even more fun dreaming up the strong-willed, unsuspecting men who’ll find their hearts ensnared by these unlikely heroines.
The first Spindle Cove book, A Night to Surrender, received critical acclaim, including starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist. The digital-only release Once Upon a Winter’s Eve: A Spindle Cove Novella spent four weeks on the USA Today bestseller list. The next Spindle Cove installment, A Week to be Wicked, will be available March 27, 2012 from Avon Books.
A librarian by training and a booklover at heart, Tessa takes great pride and pleasure in continuing to work part-part-time at her local public library. She makes her home in Southern California, where she shares a cozy, cluttered bungalow with her husband, their two children, and a big brown dog.

A Day in the Life of Tessa Dare

A day in my life.  Really?

You really want to know?

Because it’s not pretty.  See, I spend most of my days wrestling The Beast.  It’s epic, this creature.  Like an octopus with scales and compound eyes and…and teeth.  So many teeth.  A bit of Scylla meets Charybdis. 

It’s vast and fearsome, and yet I cannot look away.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I have two young kids (the Dare-lings), so one of them usually wakes me up.  They want breakfast, clean socks, cuddles.  Mr. Dare and I tend to these things. 

And during the hour or so before school, I quietly steal a few moments to feed The Beast.  Nothing too serious.  A few scraps of email, a tweet or two.  The rumblings are placated. 

For now.

After 9 AM, the house is empty.  It’s quiet.  I refill my coffee mug.  Time to work.

But wait.  The Beast is lurking.  The Beast has…other ideas for me.  It whines for attention.  Croons, almost.  So sweetly.  It can be strangely seductive.

I tell myself I’m just going to pet it.  Maybe throw it another scrap or two.  I have to make nice with the thing.  It’s part of the job, you know?

But soon as reach one hand in its direction, it’s got a tentacle lashed around my wrist.  I tug, only to be pulled right back.  It won’t…let…me go.

“Let me go!  Let me go, you monstrous thing!”

I disentangle myself forcibly, huffing and sweating a bit, and I refocus on work.  Maybe I grind out a page or two.  Maybe I’m lucky, and I truly lose myself in the story and end up dashing off 1200 words or so.  But it’s all just an exercise in postponing the carnage.  Because sure enough, the moment I take a break—


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And then, just when I’m almost entirely consumed … The kids are home!  They need homework help, snacks, more clean socks, more cuddles.   They have scouts and gymnastics and cheer-leading and such.   I am saved.

For now. 

But right around dinner time, The Beast’s rumblings start anew.  I might take a walk, cook dinner, wash dishes.  But there are ominous rumblings all the while, and they’re coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.

The Beast whispers to me, in a low, coolly sinister voice:

You’ve been ignoring me, Tessa.

“What’s that?” I say blithely.  “Oh, nothing.  Bedtime, Dare-lings. Let’s read a story.”

I don’t like to be ignored, Tessa.

Now it’s quiet again.  And it’s true, I think guiltily.  So true.  I am ignoring The Beast.  There are people waiting for my replies, and blogs I should comment on, and research I should do, and…and…

It needs me.

Yes, Tessa.  Stop fighting it.  Come to me now.

Hours pass.  When I emerge from a trance-like state, I’m not even sure what I’ve done with that time.  I sleep, and somehow I live to face The Beast another day.  But it’s not pretty. 

It’s never pretty.



  1. Hahaha!

    It's spawning, there's one here too. It's obviously planning a global takeover. Better send for 007. LOL!

  2. LOL. Oh my, great post, Tessa! I couldn't stop laugh and nodding my head.

    I think I've got one of the Beast's spawns here at my place, because I swear it was laughing evily the whole time I was scrolling down--"Forget about the chores. Forget about getting dinner on---stay here with me all day. You can't ignore me." And when I said (very forceable, I'm proud to say!) "No!" and started to shut down the webpages, I swear, it leaned in real close, chuckled, and said "You'll be back. Oh yes, you'll be back soon..." HELP! :)

    Oh, how the Beast has drawn us all in. *sigh* There must be a support group, right? No? Then we need to start one--ASAP!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post! I really do need to read your books (they're on my list!), as I am sure they have much of your same wit in them as well. :)

    TBQ's Book Palace

  3. Thanks for the awesome post! I just discovered Tessa's books and my weekend is going to be a Tessa Read fest ;)


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