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Review: Always A Princess by Alice Gaines

Title:  Always A Princess
Author:  Alice Gaines
Genre:  Historical Romance
Published:  August 2011
Publisher:  Carina Press
Source:  NetGalley
Where to buy:  Amazon


Eve Stanhope masquerades as a foreign princess at ton parties, stealing jewels from the nobility she despises and returning to her London slum at the end of the night. She's carefully plotting revenge on her former employer--a society cad who's ruined her reputation. Now it's her turn to ruin him. What she doesn't expect is to encounter the criminally handsome Orchid Thief on one of her heists...

Philip Rosemont, Viscount Wesley, is also in disguise. Bored and stifled by society, he steals jewels for fun and leaves orchids as his calling cards. He knows the woman he's cornered at the ball is no aristocrat, much less the Princess of Valdastock. But something tells him she's not exactly common, either. Now he must uncover her motives while he enjoys her illicit kisses. Can these two become partners in crime even as they give in to their mutual seduction?
Neither Eve nor Philip are who they appear to be.  She pretends to be a Princess to attend parties thrown by the ton, this gives her the opportunity to steal priceless gems from unsuspecting ladies.  Unfortunately for Eve, she meets the one person who could spoil the whole thing for her - someone who has actually been to Valdastock.

Philip is bored with society, to spice things up he decides to take on the challenge of stealing gems and leaving an orchid behind.  He's completely intrigued by the woman posing as a Princess, who she really is and what prompted the Princess disguise.

The story started out well enough, but seemed to fall as I kept reading.  The characters were good, I liked Philip - he is intelligent, a bit of a rogue and wants to do something other then be a bored aristocrat.  I actually liked him more then I did Eve.  While I felt for her character, and the situation she was put into; I just didn't connect with her.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad story, I just was hoping for something a bit more.  Will I read something by this author again?  Probably.  Will I recommend it to anyone?  I'm on the fence.

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  1. Oooooh, sounds good. Love that both of the MCs have secrets and secret identities. Actually reminds me of Lauren Willig's "The Seduction of the Crimson Rose"--which I thoroughly enjoyed. From your review, I'm a little hesitant, but I figure since I've been warned up front about the possible downfalls, I might actually enjoy it more since there aren't high expectations. Great review! Thanks,
    Ninja Girl


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