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Review: Prince Korasoff's Road Map by Gervase Shorter

Title:  Prince Korasoff's Road Map
Author:  Gervase Shorter
Genre:  Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Pages:  188
Published:  September 2011
Publisher:  Gervase Shorter
Source:  via Author
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Edward is compiling a technical bibliography while Albertine works on her doctoral thesis. They glance up to find they are looking into each other’s eyes. Shyly they both look away. It seems the attraction they have started to feel for each other will come to nothing but then Albertine’s friend Tabitha steps in, determined to stage manage their romance with unforeseeable consequences.

This was an interesting read.  Edward is a widower, who has decided it’s time to move on his in life.  While he loved his wife, he is lonely and with the encouragement of his daughter and son in law he signs up for an online dating service to meet someone.  He greatly admires a young woman he sees several times a week at the library he frequents for work.  With the help of the website he joined, he uses the advice to ask Albertine out.

Tabitha and Albertine have been best friends for years.  Tabitha wants nothing more then to see Albertine settled, married with a few kids.  She convinces her to join a dating site and meet a few new people.  Unfortunately for Albertine the one date she agrees to go on is a complete disaster!  With helping in mind, Tabitha starts a dating website to match Albertine with the one man she says she’s interest in – Edward, an older gentleman she sees quite often at the library.

I kept waiting for the shoe to drop and Edward to find out what Tabitha had done – and whether it would affect Edward and Albertine’s relationship.  The end of the book was totally not what I expected – but I am not going to say much, as I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone!  I quite liked the writing style of this author, it was a nice, easy flowing story with great characters.  Will I recommend this to anyone?  Probably, if I think it will appeal.  Will I read more by this author?  Yup, I’m intrigued and want to see whether her other works will keep me entertained.

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