Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist & This Day in History... April 14th

Hooray!! It's my birthday!!

 One of the things that everyone gets asked close to their birthday is "what do you want?"  So, I thought I'd share with you some of the things that are on my wishlist!

1) the newest by Mercedes Lackey - I have the rest of the 500 Kingdom series on my book case and I totally love it.  This one would bring me up to date with the series!

2) & 3) again another series that I love the "Sugar Maple" series by Barbara Bretton.  This is a paranormal romance with a mystery twist.

4) this goes along with my Titanic obsession.  I've been eyeing this book for months on Amazon.

5) it's Julia Quinn!! Enough Said!

Yeah so I have a thing for historical romances.... LOL


I love history, so I thought it would be fun over the course of the next few days to share with you some of the fascinating things that happened on this day in history!

(via Wikipedia)  
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As part of this week's Mega Birthday Extravaganza - I'm over at Book Soulmates today!
Sharing my favorite indies!


  1. Have a wonderful birthday! I was going to mention, hmm you really like historical romances but you already mentioned that :D I hope you get tons of books.

  2. i'd really like to read beauty and the werewolf too.

  3. Happy Birthday! Here's wishing you all the books you could possible want, happiness and a gorgeous guy in a kilt feeding you grapes while another one is fanning you while you read :) Hey... might as well go for broke!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you get to relax and enjoy your special day.

  5. Gah! I meant to tell you yesterday.. the Titanic book was free!! Now it's back to 2.99... :( lol.. hope you picked it up yesterday!


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