Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Golden Chariot by Chris Karlsen

Title:  Golden Chariot
Author:  Chris Karlsen
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Mystery
Pages:  147
Published:  March 2012
Publisher:  Bookstogonow
Source:  via Bewitching Book Tours
Where to buy:  Amazon


The rare discovery of a ship sunk during the time of the Trojan War has been found off the coast of Turkey, near Troy. Charlotte Dashiell is an American nautical archaeologist and thrilled to be part of the recovery team. The wreck may contain proof of her highly controversial theory about the Trojan War.

Charlotte is present when the Turkish government agent assigned to guard the site is murdered. Her possible involvement and a questionable connection to a private collector of black market relics bring her under suspicion. Atakan Vadim is the Turkish agent sent to investigate her. Unknown to either of them, the smuggler behind the murder plans to steal a valuable artifact and frame Charlotte for the theft...after they murder her.

As a huge fan of authors like Clive Cussler, Andy McDermott, Matthew Reilly, Dan Brown, and Steve Berry when this book popped up in my email for the book tour I couldn’t say no.  The entire premise just hooked me at the blurb and I had to know more.

Charlotte is probably one of my favorite heroines – she’s strong, smart, straightforward and knows what she wants and goes for it.  When the opportunity for this wreck came up she pounced on it and is hoping to prove a theory that many (including some of the team members) think is a waste of time.

When Charlotte’s friend is killed she is put under investigation.  Agent Atakan Vadim is ordered to the site to keep an eye on her and report back on the wreck’s progress as they begin bringing up artifacts.  As these two get to know one another Atakan begins to trust her and believes she isn’t behind the death of his team mate and friend.

As the story progresses and things being to unravel can these two after everything really truly trust one another and can they find out who did it and why?  Can they protect the wreck and the treasures they unearth from the seabed?

My only complaint, and it’s really minor… was the format of the book.  Some of the pages had two squished together while others were fine.  It was annoying, but the story was well worth the minor irritation.

Will I recommend this book?  You betcha!  For anyone who loves Clive Cussler, and the other authors I mention – this is definitely something you should check out.  Will I read anything by this author again?  Oh yeah, I am looking forward to find more by this author.

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