Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: Sister of Glass by Stephanie Hemphill

Title:  Sisters of Glass
Author:  Stephanie Hemphill
Genre:  YA, Historical
Pages:  160
Published:  March 2012
Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf
Source:  NetGalley
Where to buy:  Amazon


Maria is the younger daughter of an esteemed family on the island of Murano, the traditional home for Venetian glassmakers. Though she longs to be a glassblower herself, glassblowing is not for daughters—that is her brother's work. Maria has only one duty to perform for her family: before her father died, he insisted that she be married into the nobility, even though her older sister, Giovanna, should rightfully have that role. Not only is Giovanna older, she's prettier, more graceful, and everyone loves her.

Maria would like nothing more than to allow her beautiful sister, who is far more able and willing to attract a noble husband, to take over this role for her. But they cannot circumvent their father's wishes. And when a new young glassblower arrives to help the family business and Maria finds herself drawn to him, the web of conflicting emotions grows even more tangled.
I was REALLY disappointed with this book.  I mean really really disappointed.  Why you ask?  With such a great synopsis, how could this be that bad.  Well let me tell you – the synopsis is very deceptive.  No where does it tell you the entire book is written in verse.  As I started into the book, I assumed the initial verse was just a prologue – which I’ve seen in some historicals to set the mood or tone of the story.  But no, it kept going.

Now, while this may appeal to some people – it’s not something I would pick up for myself.  I admire those who have the ability to create something in verse, to be able to tell a story that way.  This wasn’t something for me.  I’m sure the story is amazing, and from the other reviews I’ve read – yes, the story is well done. 

Will I recommend this to anyone?  Probably not, unless I know they like verse.  I really wish there has been some sort of disclaimer or note in the synopsis – hey this is all in verse!  Will I read more by this author? Maybe, if it’s not in verse.


  1. I too was not a fan of this entire book being written in verse. Although I enjoyed the book, I felt like I'd only read a synopsis or just a poorly written book.

    It made me realize just how much I adore books with great world building and complex characters.

    1. Exactly! This book definitely wasn't for me.


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